63+ Websites for Middle School Students To Continue Learning at Home

63+ Websites for Middle School Students To Continue Learning at Home

For the many teachers transitioning to virtual classrooms and the millions of parents looking for resources to keep kids learning in the meantime, this list is for you! Covering all subjects, from math to science, language arts, social studies, art, and music, these are some of the best educational resources you can find on the internet for middle schoolers.

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1. Khan Academy has videos and lessons for all grades.

2. Hippocampus has pre-algebra and geometry lessons and practice games. 

3. Education Possible has a list of over 50 fun and interactive math games for middle schoolers.

4. Math Snacks has games, animation and interactive tools to help middle schoolers with basic concepts.

5. Prodigy offers fun math games for middle schoolers. Many teachers use it in class and report it turns math haters into math lovers. 

6. Math TV is like Netflix for math! Videos are broken down by skill. 

7. CoolMath offers lessons and games in pre-algebra, algebra, and pre-calculus. 

8. Online Math has games broken down by grade level from 1 – 8. 

9. Math Is Fun offers lessons, games, worksheets and puzzles on all sorts of math concepts including speed and velocity, money and geometry.

10. Illustrative Mathematics offers problem-based curriculum for grades 6-8.

11. Multiplication.com is great for middle schoolers who are a little rusty on those multiplication facts. It’s designed for elementary – high school students with age-appropriate games so kids don’t feel self-conscious about their skills.


12. NASA offers cool space-related videos and activities. 

13. The Happy Scientist offers great videos and fun experiments to try at home.

14. Khan Academy has lessons, activities, quizzes and more on a wide range of science topics. 

15. PBS has great videos on a variety of topics, including a series on viruses. 

16. Worksheetworks has free science printables. 

17. Make Me a Genius has cool science jokes, videos, facts, quizzes, and activities. 

18. Scholastic has fun lessons like exploring the science behind extreme super sour candy.

19. Science Buddies has over 1,500 experiments. 

20. Steve Spangler Science offers hundreds of experiments to do at home with videos explaining why they work.

21. How Stuff Works will keep curious kids entertained for hours. 


22. Libby allows you to read library books on a phone or tablet.

23. Common Lit is a free database of passages to practice reading comprehension. 

24. Soft Schools offers free printable language arts word searches, quizzes and worksheets.

25. Lit2go is a collection of stories and poems in mp3 format. Kids can download and listen while going on a walk, gardening or doing chores.

26. NaNoWriMo will help young writers pen their own books in 30 days. 

27. Crash Course offers fun and extremely informative videos on literacy and writing.

28. One Community offers curricula in all areas of language arts, including listening and speaking.

29. Worksheetworks has free grammar printables. 

30. Journal Buddies offers a month’s worth of writing prompts.

31. No Red Ink teaches grammar and writing based on each student’s current skill level and interests. 

32. Read Write Think has lesson plans, printables, activities and projects for all areas of language arts from k-12.

33. Khan Academy offers grammar lessons, activities and quizzes aligned with educational standards.

34. Read Works platform and materials are completely free. It has great content, curriculum, and tools to power teaching and learning from Kindergarten to 12th Grade


35. Thirteen has history videos and interactive games.

36. Teaching Tolerance has lesson plans, articles, videos and activities geared at making us all better citizens.

37. Scholastic has articles on finances, world economy the stock market and more.

38. YouTube Edu has videos on social studies (and every other topic) compiled YouTube itself. 

39. Worksheetworks has free geography printables. 

40. EdHelper offers printable worksheets and journals on history topics and world problems. 

41. Khan Academy offers history videos, lessons and activities. 

42. Curriki offers interactive history, government and economics lessons. 

43. Social Studies for Kids offers free curriculum in history, economics, geography, government, finance and more. 

44. The Library of Congress has videos on topics such as Civil Rights and historical figures including Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhardt. 

45. NeoK12 has games, lessons, puzzles, presentations and activities on a wide range of social study topics. 

46. Social Studies for Kids has articles on budgeting, economics, cultures and current affairs. 


47. Pixar in a Box offers behind the scenes looks at animation.

48. Violin Online offers free sheet music and beginner violin lessons. 

49. Virtual Drumming turns computer keyboards into percussion sets.

50. Women’s Natural History Museum has an online digital classroom database of lesson plans.

51. Watch Know Learn has videos on artists and art concepts.

52. Google Arts and Culture has a new lesson or activity each day, such as cool things to do with your phone camera or a look into Frida Kahlo’s diary. 

53. Creating Music lets users create and listen to their own musical masterpieces.

54. The Smithsonian has oral histories of jazz. 

55. BBC Music Planet has videos showcasing music from around the world. 

56. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has guides and discussion questions for many pieces of art.

57. The Art Institute of Chicago has free educator lesson plan packets. 

58. Crash Course has very informative looks into art topics with authors Hank and John Green. 

59. Artsology explores topics like “how do artists portray emotion through their work?”

60. Debbie Allen actress, director, choreographer and dancer,  is teaching dance classes on Instagram live. Check out her Instagram page for the schedule. 

61. Playbill has a list of Boadway plays you can watch at home.

62. Bomomo is a cool digital drawing website that lets users doodle and create.

63. The National Gallery of Art has interactive activities and lessons. 

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63+ Websites for Middle School Students To Continue Learning at Home

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