80+ Fun & Educational Websites for Elementary School Students

80+ Fun & Educational Websites for Elementary School Students

For the many teachers transitioning to virtual classrooms and the millions of parents looking for resources to keep kids learning in the meantime, this list is for you! Covering all subjects, from math to science, language arts, social studies, art, and music, these are some of the best educational resources you can find on the internet for elementary school students.

You might want to take a look at our lists for middle school and high school students as well!


1. Khan Academy is a free math resource for students, parents, and teachers. It offers lessons, quizzes, challenges and exercises aligned with math educational standards from kindergarten – college. 

2. FunBrain has math games broken down by grade level from first – eighth. 

3. Math Playground features games, videos and logic challenges for grades 1 – 6. 

4. Online Math has games organized by grade level.

5. Kidzone Math offers free printable practice worksheets. 

6. Varsity Tutors – A Plus Math has games, flashcards, worksheets, and a homework helper.

7. ABCYA lets kids play fun math games that align with common core math standards. 

8. BrainPop is filled with fun, interactive math games. Many teachers use it in the classroom, so lots of kids are already familiar with it.

9. Starfall offers math practice in basic skills for preK – third grade.

10. AAA math features thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons. 

11. Edhelper has tons of fun math worksheets for all ages.


12. Farmer’s Almanac is filled with cool facts and videos. 

13. Home Science Tools offers videos, lessons, coloring pages, printables and more. 

14. Scholastic has info, video, and activities on a wide range of science topics. 

15. Mystery Science offers free lessons broken down by grade level on fun topics like, “Why are baby animals so cute?”

16. oLogy! is a science website for kids from the American Museum of Natural History. It includes games, stories, videos, activities to do at home and more.

17. Science Bob offers videos of experiments and then directions to try it at home.

18. Breakout Edu offers interactive digital games on topics such as the solar system.

19. Curriki has lesson plans on fun topics such as the velocity of sailing and speed of NASCAR.

20. Science Fun has instructions for tons of cool experiments. 

21. Exploratorium has fun videos and instructions for at-home science experiments. 


22. The International Children’s Digital Library offers free access to high-quality books from around the world in different languages.

33. Grammar Bytes is filled with fun grammar games, activities and videos.

24. StoryJumper allows kids to write, illustrate, publish and record audio for their own books.

25. Amazon Inspire offers teachers and parents a place to gather and share resources, lesson plans, activities, etc. 

26. Free printable sight word worksheets can be colored or turned into fun games.

27. Fun Fonix has printable phonics games and worksheets. 

28. Plain and Not So Plain offers spelling lists and handwriting practice sheets. 

29. Scholastic has free online books and activities to keep kids reading. 

30. Story Bird has over 700 challenges to inspire kids to write short stories.

31. Scholastic offers tons of fun activities, videos, and lesson plans.

32. Kahoot lets you play fun language arts learning games as a family.

33. Spelling Shed has fun, interactive spelling activities. 

34. Read Works platform and materials are completely free. It has great content, curriculum, and tools to power teaching and learning from Kindergarten to 12th Grade


35. Ben’s Guide to the US Government has fun digital learning adventures. 

36. 50 States has map outlines, quizzes and tons of info.

37. World Atlas offers interactive maps, clocks, flags and videos. 

38. US.gov has fun lessons like a tour of a money factory or a look into different types of government jobs.

39. Liberty Kids is a fun animated history series.

40. Amazon Inspire offers teachers and parents a place to gather and share resources, lesson plans, activities, etc. 

41. Soft Schools offers free printable social studies word searches, quizzes and worksheets.

42. Captivating Compass has a free lesson plan for studying Ireland. Other countries are also available.

43. US Mint features online money education games. 

44. iCivics has online games that teach concepts like the importance of voting.


45. Masterpiece Society has free art lessons. 

46. Incredible Art has a long list of online art games.

47. San Francisco Symphony has online games and activities for kids. 

48. New York Philharmonic has a kid zone with concert videos, games, puzzles and instructions for making instruments. 

49. Color with Leo is a collection of online art games.

50. HGTV has instructions for making clay sea sculptures. 

51. Columbus Museum of Art lets kids chose a background and build a digital collage with yarn, shells and other scraps. It then encourages them to go recreate it in real life.

52. Scrapcoloring is a digital coloring book where kids can explore colors and patterns.

53. Open Culture has free printable coloring pages featuring art from 113 museums. 

54. Mo Willems, animator, author and voice actor, is doing lunchtime art classes at 1 pm EST.

55. Classics for Kids offers videos, games, quizzes and activities about classical music composers. 

56. National Gallery of Art has lessons, online courses, videos, films and activities for all ages. 

57. Kennedy Center offers activities and lessons on art, dance, performing arts and more.

58. Toy Theatre lets kids use virtual tools to build, create and animate. 

59. #metkids by the Metropolitan Museum of Art is online content made for, by and with kids.

60. Ducksters teaches about artists and art history.

61. Teaching Ideas has fact cards about famous arts, online books with activities and printables. 

62 Art Projects for Kids has instructions for projects like drawing a peacock or bubble lettering.

63. Art for Kids Hub teaches step by step drawing.

64. Chrome Music Lab lets users explore musical concepts and sounds.

65. Kids Guitar Zone offers free beginner lessons.

66. Piano Patch Kids has free downloadable lessons to teach your child to play the piano, even if you’ve never played before yourself. 


67. Daily Burn is streaming over 2,000 free exercise classes. 

68. The Body Coach is conducting virtual PE classes each weekday. 

69. Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube teaches movement through song, story and popular movies. 

70. Down Dog is a yoga app currently free to students and teachers. 

71. Fitness Blender has hundreds of free workouts searchable by body parts worked, interest and equipment available. 

72. Stretch and Grow of the Rockies specializes in quick physical brain break sessions. Have the YouTube channel bookmarked to pull up whenever kids (or adults!) need to get some wiggles or frustrations out stat.  

73. Strong by Zumba has free 7, 20 and 30-minute videos to squeeze in some movement during a brain break. 

74. Beach Body has released free kids’ workouts, including Shaunt T’s Fit Kid Club.

75. Planet Fitness is streaming daily 20-minute workouts that don’t require any equipment. 

76. Core Power Yoga is offering free access to many online classes. 

77. A Mindful Heart is offering a free slow flow yoga and meditation class.

78. Lady Gaga’s former backup dancer Mark Kanemura is doing daily dance classes on Instagram. 

79. Breathe & Learn is offering free online yoga classes. These classes incorporate breathing exercises, movement, story, journaling, and song.

80. YMCA is offering video versions of over 60 exercise classes including yoga, barre, boot camp, weight lifting and boxing.  

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80+ Fun & Educational Websites for Elementary School Students

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