80+ Best Educational Shows for Kids

80+ Best Educational Shows for Kids

School in 2020 is hard – for kids, for teachers, and even for parents. It’s okay to let kids relax with educational shows or videos here and there. It’s a great way to keep kids calm when they have to eat lunch in the classroom, can be used as a reward for staying on task, or to just give everyone a little breather when the breaking point is near. Here is a list of shows recommended by teachers that are both entertaining and educational. 

Science Educational Shows for Kids

There’s a wide world of science shows available. Kids can learn how the world works through documentaries, experiments, mysteries, and more. There’s something for every area in science – human development, animals, oceanography, planets, the environment, etc. for all age groups. There are even shows focusing on robots, sports science, and the science of food!

  1. Brainchild (watch here)
  2. Mystery Science (watch here)
  3. Emily’s Wonder Lab (watch here)
  4. Sid the Science Kid (watch here)
  5. Bill Nye the Science Guy (watch here)
  6. Science Max: Experiments at Large (watch here)
  7. Battlebots (watch here)
  8. Mr. Demaio (watch here)
  9. PBS’s Nature (watch here)
  10. Mythbusters  (watch here)
  11. Magic for Humans (watch here)
  12. Food Detectives (watch here)
  13. Brain Games (watch here)
  14. Vox’s Explained (watch here)
  15. BBC’s Earth (watch here)
  16. Ask the Storybots (watch here)
  17. Dude Perfect (sports science) (watch here)
  18. Moving Art (watch here)

History Educational Shows

Videos help history come alive in a way lectures and textbooks can’t. There are cartoons, documentaries, dramatic mini-series – something for everyone!

  1. Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History (watch here)
  2. The Who Was (watch here)
  3. Liberty’s Kids (watch here)
  4. Dear America (watch here)
  5. Makers: Women Who Make America (watch here)
  6. Unsolved History (watch here)
  7. How the States Got Their Shapes (watch here)
  8. America: The Story of Us (watch here)
  9. How We Got to Now (watch here)
  10. Big History (watch here)
  11. Haunted History (perfect for spooky season!) (watch here)
  12. Mysteries at the Museum (watch here)
  13. Horrible Histories (watch here)

Math Educational Shows

Yes, there are even shows centered on math!

  1. OddSquad (watch here)
  2. Peg + Cat (watch here)
  3. Cyberchase (watch here)
  4. The Math Maniac Show (watch here)
  5. Monster Math Squad (watch here)

Shows to Encourage Kindness

Reinforce kindness, empathy, tolerance, friendship, social skills, and emotional intelligence with these shows.

  1. Returning the Favor (watch here)
  2. Dirty Jobs (watch here)
  3. The Kindness Diaries (watch here)
  4. Let’s Go Luna! (watch here)
  5. Down to Earth with Zac Efron (watch here)
  6. Mira, Royal Detective (watch here)
  7. Family Reunion (watch here)
  8. Fresh of the Boat (watch here)
  9. Maya and Miguel (watch here)
  10. Black-ish (watch here)
  11. The Proud Family (watch here)
  12. Love, Victor (watch here)
  13. Atypical (watch here)

Cooking Shows 

Cooking is a life skill. It also reinforces literacy, math, and science concepts. History, geography, and cultural aspects are also present in many cooking shows. 

  1. Chopped (watch here)
  2. The Great British Baking Show (watch here)
  3. Food Wars (watch here)
  4. Nailed It! (watch here)
  5. Chef’s Table (watch here)
  6. Taco Chronicles (watch here)
  7. Street Food (watch here)
  8. Crazy Delicious (watch here)
  9. Salt Fat Acid Heat (watch here)
  10. Cupcake Wars (watch here)
  11. Cutthroat Kitchen (watch here)
  12. Cook or Con (watch here)
  13. My World Kitchen (watch here)

Game Shows

Game and trivia shows are both fun and educational! These will probably become some of the most requested shows.

  1. Jeopardy (watch here)
  2. Wheel of Fortune (watch here)
  3. Floor Is Lava (watch here)
  4. Family Feud (watch here)
  5. Price is Right (watch here)
  6. Minute to Win It (watch here)
  7. Supermarket Sweep (watch here)
  8. Lego Masters (watch here)

Classic Educational Shows for Kids

Some of the shows you watched as a kid still hold up today. Others are campy fun that kids will call “cringe,” but secretly love. And middle and high schoolers love revisiting older shows from when they were young. These classics teach history, literacy, art, citizenship, and more – plus they’re just plain entertaining!

  1. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (watch here)
  2. Sesame Street (watch here)
  3. Octonauts (watch here)
  4. Bob Ross’s Joy of Painting (watch here)
  5. Reading Rainbow (watch here)
  6. The Magic School Bus (watch here)
  7. America’s Funniest Videos (watch here)
  8. Animaniacs (watch here)
  9. Hey Arnold (watch here)
  10. Schoolhouse Rocks (watch here)
  11. Martha Speaks (watch here)
  12. Dora the Explorer (watch here)
  13. Arthur (watch here)

Almost all of these shows are available on streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube. Make sure to preview the show yourself to ensure it’s appropriate. Educational shows are a great way for both kids and adults to learn in a fun, engaging way. 


80+ Best Educational Shows for Kids

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