Best Winter Videos to Show Kids at Home & in the Classroom

All teachers know that with winter, kids become very distracted by the holidays and school breaks. Showing a short video breaks up the flow of class and keeps students interested in their learning. Winter videos can teach students about snow, ice, the seasons, and holidays around the world.

Get your students’ attention back with one of these 18 winter videos!

1. Learn about winter

This video, made for PreK and Kindergarten students, is a wonderful introduction to the winter season. It gives a brief overview of winter weather, holidays, and more.

2. What makes it snow?

Students are always asking, “Why is it snowing?” (or, more often, “Why isn’t it snowing?”). Teach them how snow works with this awesome video.

3. Why does water turn into ice?

Learning about the phases of matter doesn’t need to be dull. Make it engaging by showing students the process of freezing water into ice.

4. Different kinds of ice

Who knew there were so many different kinds of ice? There’s so much to learn from winter videos! This clip will demonstrate the various ice types and explain what makes them all different.

5. All about reindeer

Did you know that reindeer are also called caribou? These holiday animals live near the North Pole and will be sure to catch all of your students’ interests!

6. Winter at the North Pole

Show your students what it is like in winter at the North Pole. Use this video to wow students with the region’s animals, weather, and beauty.

7. Exploring the Arctic

It is obviously cold in the Arctic, but what else can you teach your students about this area? How about the Northern Lights and the dark long winters? Winter videos are great for learning about the Arctic!

8. The seasons and hemispheres

No better time to remind students about how seasons work than when winter is coming. Additionally, teach them about the different hemispheres, including why opposite global hemispheres experience opposite weather patterns in the same season.

9. Where do snowflakes come from?

Wishing for a white Christmas? Bet your students are hoping for one too. Use this short video to show them exactly how snowflakes are formed and where they come from.

10. Math in the Winter Olympics

There aren’t Winter Olympics this year, but why not use this fun math lesson anyways? Kids love sports, and this video will help them connect something they love to those often less exciting math skills.

11. Greater than, less than, equal to

Make learning about greater than or less than signs more interesting with this quick but engaging winter-themed math video.

12. Multiplication flash cards- holiday style

These flash cards make remembering multiplication facts fun with a holiday theme. Students could even use this over their long holiday breaks to practice their multiplication facts!

13. Read Aloud- Sneezy the Snowman

Read this cute story with your students to get them in the winter mood. Conserve your energy and monitor the class while the video reads to them.

14. Winter phonics

Practice the entire alphabet with this video that uses every letter paired with a wintery word. This is a great tool for younger learners still working on their phonics skills!

15. Why is it cold in the winter?

Don’t you wish we had an answer to this question that would keep the warm summer months around for longer? You can’t stop the cold from making us bundle up every year, but you can educate your students on weather patterns and why it gets cold every winter.

16. Holidays around the world

Encourage cultural awareness through holiday education with winter videos. Your students will learn about worldly holidays such as the Chinese New Year, Holi, and Ramadan. You may even learn a few things too!

17. Winter vocabulary

Teach your students winter vocabulary so they know what lingo to use when it gets cold out. Learn words like snowman, sweater, scarf, and icicle. This is also a great video for students who are learning English, as it includes pictures with every vocabulary word!

18. Holiday Dance and Break

Give your students a break from learning with this winter dance video. Students can get up (in class or virtually) to dance and get their minds back on track!

Your students are sure to love these winter videos. They will not only get everyone in the winter spirit, but they will also teach academic skills like math, science, and reading.

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Best Winter Videos to Show Kids at Home & in the Classroom

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