10 Amazing Holiday Classroom Tools from Scholastic

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Everybody knows Scholastic for their amazing collection of children’s books. Well if you haven’t already heard, Scholastic doesn’t only make stuff for kids, they make amazing materials for teachers. For instance, check out Scholastic Printables. I recently discovered they have over 20,000 award-winning lesson plans, mini books, coloring pages, clip art, awards, calendars, craft activities, bookmarks, games, puzzles, flash cards, maps, and skills sheets for EVERY subject, EVERY theme, and EVERY grade level (PreK-6)!

Yup! And get this, it’s all online to download and print out for your class in minutes. If you’re like most teachers, you probably spend hours of prep time and weekend rest time planning for your classes each week.

Why waste so much of your valuable leisure time (that you’re definitely not being paid for) when you can get unlimited access to tens of thousands of high-quality teaching resources for only $39.99 a YEAR (or only $8.99 a month)! Want to know more? Try it out for 30 days for FREE!

Here is sneak peek of some of their awesome activities and skills sheets that can be printed out with your free trial, to get your classes in the mood for the upcoming holiday season.

1. Help the Reindeer:

Send your kids on a quest to help a reindeer find his corn with this a-maze-ing activity. It’s a fun way to reinforce skip-counting skills. Bonus: have kids practice pattern making as they color the maze.

help the reindeer printable worksheetPrint this skills sheet HERE!

2. How I Celebrate:

This writing prompt is just the thing for kids to share their favorite holiday traditions.

celebrate scholastic printables bored teachers

Print this skills sheet HERE!

3. December Packets:

30+ pages of cross-curricular holiday lesson ideas, crafts, reproducibles, and more – in one easy download. Free with a subscription, or buy a la carte for $4.99/each!

december packets scholastic printables bored teachers  december packets scholastic printables bored teachers  december packets scholastic printables bored teachers

Print these packets here: PreK-K, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4!

4. Books are the Perfect Present Bookmarks and Send-Home Holiday Notes:

Because books really do make the perfect present for all your readers, have students fill out a wish list of books on these brightly colored bookmarks, and send home notes to celebrate a student’s great day in class.

books are the perfect present printable bookmarks . send home cards

Print these HERE & HERE!

5. Gift of the Magi Play:

The classic O. Henry story is retold in this endearing read-aloud play, which comes with embedded discussion questions.

The gift of the Magi play printable

Print this play HERE!

6. Bulletin board/clip art:

Brighten up your classroom with a festive display about holidays around the world or choose from a huge selection of clip art.

frosty clipart scholastic printables bored teachers  ornament printable activity  candy cane clipart scholastic printables bored teachers

Print these here: Frosty, OrnamentCandy Cane!

7. Glistening Snow Globe (FREE for December):

Capture the flurry of holiday energy with this snow globe craft that’s more than just a pretty picture—it sets the stage for a science discussion on snow and water.

snow globe scholastic printables bored teachers  snow globe scholastic printables bored teachers

Print this snow globe craft HERE!

8. Fun and Festive Activities:

In this packet, you’ll find a dozen seasonal-themed projects and activities to help you reinforce skills across the curriculum. Includes task cards, puppets, ornaments, games, and more.

fun and festive scholastic printables bored teachers

Print this packet HERE!

9. Sweet Celebrations (FREE):

Visions of sugarplums are dancing in everyone’s heads this time of year. Enjoy some seasonal sweetness with crafts like these adorable peppermint candies.

sweet candy crafts scholastic printables bored teacherssweet candy crafts scholastic printables bored teachers

Print these crafts HERE!

10. Gingerbread Cookie Glyph:

There’s nothing cookie cutter about this festive gingerbread glyph! Build students’ skills with data collection, recognizing and extending patterns, one-to-one correspondence, and counting.

gingerbread cookie glyph printable worksheet

Print this HERE!

So what are you going to do with all the free time you’re going to have after you sign up for Scholastic Printables?

scholastic printables free trial banner


scholastic printables logoThis article is sponsored by Scholastic Printables. Learn more about their amazing teaching resources HERE.

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