50 Fun Get-To-Know-You Questions Your Students Will Love

Get to Know You questions

Nobody would argue that one of the best parts of being a teacher is getting to know your students throughout the school year. Knowing your students’ interests, cultural backgrounds, and academic strengths & needs helps to develop a special bond and level of trust between teacher and student.

Getting to know students doesn’t end after the first month of school, so here are 50 “get-to-know-you” questions that you can use to start each day of school throughout the entire year! They work both remotely and in-person.

Even teenagers will love answering these questions. Make sure to answer yourself so students get to know you, too!

50 questions to get to know students:

Get to know students: Interests and personalities

  1. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?
  2. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be? Why?
  3. It’s 7 a.m. and you’re getting ready for school, what kind of music would people hear playing in your bedroom?
  4. Are you a morning or night person? Why?
  5. If you could only have sweets or salty snacks for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
  6. Do you collect anything?
  7. What type of food would you NEVER eat?
  8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and with who?
  9. What three items would you bring with you on a deserted island?
  10. If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?
  11. What is your go-to movie?
  12. What TV shows have you been watching recently?
  13. What’s the best birthday party you ever had?
  14. Would you rather have a small group of close friends or a large group of friends?
  15. What would you do if you won the lottery?
  16. What are your biggest pet peeves?
  17. Have you ever had a nickname?
  18. What is your favorite sport to watch and/or play?
  19. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  20. If you were an inventor, what would be the first thing you would invent?
  21. Do you prefer pets or humans?
  22. What is your favorite day of the week?
  23. If you could change your name to anything, what would you change it to?
  24. What video game is your favorite? What video game is the absolute worst, in your opinion?
  25. What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
  26. What is one thing you worry about?
  27. Would you rather be an only child or have siblings?
  28. What qualities do you look for in a friend?
  29. What do you like to do in your free time?

Get to know your students’ academic strengths and challenges

  1. Which subject in school is your favorite? Why?
  2. Which subject is usually the most difficult for you?
  3. What do you do to remain calm when you’re feeling frustrated in school?
  4. Do you feel more comfortable participating in a small group or as a whole class? Or do you not mind either scenario?
  5. If you had to tell your younger sibling what it’s like being in your grade, what would you tell them?
  6. What book are you currently reading? Is this your favorite genre to read?
  7. What is one goal you have for yourself in school this year?
  8. If you had the chance to chat with your favorite author, what would you talk about/ask him/her?
  9. What do you think is the most important rule at school?
  10. Would you consider yourself a good student? Why or why not?
  11. What do you think makes a good teacher?
  12. What was your first impression of this class?
  13. What’s one thing you wish you could change about our school?
  14. If you had the choice to come to school, would you come? Why or why not?

Learn more about your students’ culture and families

  1. What is your favorite family holiday tradition?
  2. How many languages do you speak? Does anyone else in your family speak a different language?
  3. Do you have a favorite family recipe?
  4. Where does your family like to vacation?
  5. How would your family members describe you?
  6. What is the best thing your grandparent ever taught you?
  7. Describe your relationship with your parents/guardians and siblings. What do you most admire about them?

Get to know students game:

Use some of the above questions in a round of Four Corners. List four possible answers to a question. Assign one of these answers to each corner of the room. Students who agree on an answer will gather in the assigned corner and realize they have something in common.

It’s also not a bad idea to have students lead these discussions! Ask students what other questions or prompts could be used to better get to know their classmates and teachers. Getting to know students makes for a better classroom environment for everyone and often gives you info to guide curriculum.


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