30 Best GoNoodle Videos for Classroom Brain Breaks

30 Best GoNoodle Videos for Classroom Brain Breaks

Bring your class to life with a GoNoodle video that will break up the normal routine of books and worksheets. Kids of all ages love these animated songs and videos that give them a much-needed brain break during the school day. Use these GoNoodle videos to start out the day, to get some wiggles out, as a confidence booster, to help with smooth class transitions, and more!

30 GoNoodle videos teachers love:

Morning videos

1. Celebrate the New Day

Start the day off the right way with your class with this motivating clip that sets the expectations for the rest of the day.

2. Wake Up

This video is a series of slow-moving stretches and workout moves to get the body going.

3. Take on the Day

Stretch up high and think about what the day to come has to offer. This video will get your students off on the right foot!

4. Get Energized

Wake your students up with this four-minute exercise routine that will energize them for the day to come.

Brain Breaks

5. Moose Tube Mash-Up

Give your learners a brain break with this goofy video featuring a moose mascot that will be sure to take their minds off of schoolwork for a few minutes.

6. GoNoodle Hand Jive

Get your kids’ hands moving with this silly hand jive song!

Stand up and shake it out like a gingerbread cookie with this fun song that will entertain your students and provide a much-needed learning break.

Indoor Recess

8. Chillax to the Max

Teach your students how to “chillax” with this ten-minute video that is fantastic for indoor recess.

9. Power Up

Recess is a time to reset and get ready for the remaining part of the day. It’s not easy when it has to be inside, but let your students “power up” with this video!

10. Roy G Biv

Mix it up with this video that features a few different songs to get kids moving during indoor recess.

11. Rock Your Body

Get every part of your body moving with this thirteen-minute combination of amusing tunes!

Improve Focus

12. Get Back on Track

The school day can be very long for students, so let them get up and stretch with this video to refocus their energies on learning!

13. Strengthen Your Focus

Try these yoga moves with your class to improve their focus on school work.

14. Tune into Your World

Use this clip to teach your students to tune out the background noise and focus on their priorities. Hopefully, that is happening in your class and not what’s for lunch today!

Smooth Transitions

15. Line Up

Make lining up for a transition simple with this quick video that will make the too-often drawn out activity of standing in a line much simpler.

16. Clean Up

This new version of the “clean up” song is a fun way to motivate your students to clean up the classroom in an orderly and quick fashion so you can move on to the next activity.

17. Lunch

If lunch is the highlight of your students’ day then this is the video for them. Let them know it is time to prepare and transition to lunch with this song!

18. Wash Your Hands with Moose Fabio

Over the past year you have probably told students to wash their hands thoroughly at least a thousand times. Remind your students of the importance of washing their hands and how to do it correctly in a fun way – using this video!


19. From Mindless to Mindful

Teach your students a way to practice being mindful and how to put their attention on the current moment.

20. Emotions Grow and Shrink

This video will help teach your learners about how their emotions grow and shrink.

21. Take a Breath

Breathing is a key component to mindfulness. Use clip to practice helpful breathing exercises that will calm your students.

22. Let’s Unwind

Students can unwind from their thoughts with this video that will help them feel happy and relaxed!

Building Class Community

23. Be Kind

Develop a positive classroom environment when you show your students this brief video all about kindness.

24. Have Compassion

Show your students how to care about each other with this calming video.

25. Help Others

Teach your students the importance of helping others and doing good deeds when they watch this video.

Get the Wiggles Out

26. Shake It Off

Shake off any negative feelings and twist around with this song!

27. Get Loose and Shake Your Crumbs

Let loose with this collection of songs that will rid your students of their wiggles.

28. Jump Like the Bunny

Nothing says “get the wiggles out” better than getting up and jumping with this goofy bunny!

Get Ready to Test

29. You Got This

Play this song and dance video before your students take a test to get them moving and their brains active.

30. Victorious

Build your students’ confidence with this video to get them ready and poised before they take a big test!

Create a fun learning environment for your students with these GoNoodle songs and videos. Your students will appreciate a brain break, a confidence builder, or a mindfulness clip during a long school day! As a bonus, they will be even more focused to get back to learning after moving and shaking to an exciting song.

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30 Best GoNoodle Videos for Classroom Brain Breaks

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