Yes, You Can Use Bitmoji Classroom in High School! + Time-Saving Tips

There is a misconception that Bitmoji classroom is only useful for elementary and middle school rather than high school. Although teaching teenagers can be a challenge, the self-sufficiency they (sometimes!) bring to the table makes tools like Bitmoji classroom a time-saver for teachers. It is an engaging resource to use with your high school students, and better yet, it stands to make your life easier through its multiple uses: organization, routine, lesson pizzazz, and more.

How Do I Make a Bitmoji Classroom?

Bitmoji Classroom is compatible with Google and Microsoft for Education apps. Consider it the hub of daily resources for lessons and transitions in your classroom.

Step #1: Make a Bitmoji of yourself.

This is fun and easy using the Bitmoji app.

Step #2: Create your digital room in Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Do this on a single slide with all the fixings: lamps, a desk, and even that cup of coffee.

Step #3: When creating your template, be sure to search for “transparent” images to fill the room.

For example, “lamp transparent background.”

Step #4: Decide where/when you will use your Bitmoji Classroom!

Here are some tips:

  • Time Saving Tip – Use the duplicate slide tool to insert your Bitmoji Classroom in Google Slides or shared Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
  • Tech Tip – Students can access and click-thru the Bitmoji Classroom via Office 365 online or through a shared Google Slides presentation.
  • Time Saving Tip – Use the snipping tool to copy and paste your Bitmoji Classroom to a freestanding page or document, like a Class Notebook page in OneNote.
  • Tech Tip – Consider sharing presentations rather than snipping if you want links to remain live.
  • High School Pro-Tip: Create a simple template that can be converted and modified for multiple classes! Work smarter not harder.

Here is a sample Bitmoji Classroom from my English class:

Bitmoji Classroom Sample

I’ve built my classroom. Now what?

1. Post your Bitmoji Classroom in accessible locations

Bitmoji Classroom Agenda

Students need consistent access to resources, especially considering that we often receive high school make-up work at 3:00 a.m. Use your classroom in your daily slideshow, for sure! However, also consider putting the tool in a 24/7 accessible place for your students. This can be done using Teams, Google, and more!

2. Use your classroom with multiple sections and classes

Yes, You Can Use Bitmoji Classroom in High School! + Time Saving Tips

If you teach at the secondary level, teaching multiple sections and different classes comes with the territory. There is no need to change your Bitmoji Classroom layout or recreate the whole thing for various groups of students unless you want to.

3. Create buttons for your classroom that make life easier

Classroom Buttons

Create buttons, or live links, in your Bitmoji classroom that help students access work quickly. Buttons can be shapes or images that contain links!

  • Procrastination Books: Notice I include “procrastination books” in my Bitmoji classroom. Each book contains a link to missing work lists for students who are behind.
  • Daily Check-In:  Include live links to Microsoft Forms or Google Forms that allow students to check-in for class.
  • Bell Ringers and Exit Tickets: Insert a section that contains a link to warm-up or exit ticket activities to maximize time at the start and closure of class.
  • Differentiation: Place an “early finishers” button in the Bitmoji classroom so those speed racers can continue working while you work individually with students who need additional help.
  • Daily Agenda/Announcements: Post a whiteboard in your resource containing the outline for the day and announcements. This tip helps you remember what’s what, and it helps the kids keep up with daily expectations!

4. Make a routine out of using your Bitmoji Classroom

Classroom Routine_ Yes, You Can Use Bitmoji Classroom in High School! + Time Saving Tips

You made this epic tool! Use it routinely to maximize its’ effectiveness. Make a habit of displaying your Bitmoji classroom during lessons both in-person and online.

  • Example: Require that students access an exit ticket in Bitmoji classroom every day or always post your daily agenda for students who arrive early.
  • Time Saving Tip – Students will catch on to the fact that they need to know how to use your Bitmoji classroom if you routinely use it throughout your lessons. They will see that knowing how to use it benefits them and makes life easier, which is a real-world thought process for most high school students.  
  • High School Pro-Tip – Explicitly state instructions to high school students and model navigating one’s Bitmoji classroom with them—make your life easier in the long run!

5. Include Week-at-a-Glance in your online platform

Week-at-a-Glance Example

Week-at-a-Glance has become my best friend this year due to the transitions between learning models. Avoid the typical high school question, “is this graded?” No matter what learning model we are under, my students know that I post the week’s grades and resources in our Class Notebook. This task can be as general or specific as you want it to be using your assigned learning platform: Microsoft, Google, etc.

  • Example: My Bitmoji classroom details the unit we are in, and sometimes, the specifics of that unit depending on the group of students in question.
  • Time Saving Tip – Update your gradebook based on what is in your week-at-a-glance Bitmoji classroom to help you remember what needs to be graded and maintain a balanced gradebook throughout the week. 

6. Create themes

Holiday Themes

Although they may want you to think otherwise, high school students have souls and love a little bit of fun on the down low. Update your Bitmoji classroom for holidays and special events in your school to increase engagement and bring joy to your classroom!

  • Example: I found that updating my Bitmoji classroom for the holidays this year made my virtual academy students, who are learning at home all year, feel included in our school community and the world around them.
  • Time Saving Tip Create your holiday templates in the same presentation as your everyday Bitmoji classroom to use later. 

Additional Resources

Need more inspiration? Check out these additional Bitmoji classroom resources:

Join us in the #teacherlife community to continue the discussion!


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Katherine Stall

Katie is a high school English teacher. She loves reading, her cat Patches, and doing yoga. When she's not teaching or writing, you can find her treasure hunting in the closest thrift store.

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