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This article is sponsored by Pixton EDU, a web app that gives teachers and students a unique way to create stories, demonstrate learning, and enhance writing assignments – in any subject – through digital comics.

Kids love apps, computers, video games, graphic novels, and comics. Well, we just found something that taps into all those things – and it’s currently free! Pixton EDU is a cartoon and comic app that builds community while getting kids excited about writing. Comics are fun and bring subject matter to life. Since teachers and students create their own avatars, they become part of the comics – it’s like the next level of Bitmoji! Teachers can have students create new comic strips as writing assignments, book reports or a way to present research projects. You can even create your own comics to support difficult lessons, share classroom news, introduce topics and start discussion students can add to with their own storytelling.

Pixton EDU is geared towards second grade through high school levels, and is supporting teachers and students during the COVID-19 crisis by providing 30 days of full access free!

Here’s a quick look at why teachers love Pixton EDU:

  • It allows teachers to check students’ lesson comprehension in a new way.
  • They have FREE printables to help with classroom organization, management and decoration.
  • It makes book reports easy with content packs available for popular books, including The Hunger Games.
Hunger games comic strip, created by a student for English class
  • It’s great for writing prompts and creative writing inspiration.
  • It offers opportunities to explore historical events through cartoon storytelling.
  • It gets kids excited to write their own comics with characters in a similar vein to popular movies like Black Panther and Star Wars.
superhero comic characters created in Pixton EDU
  • It has extensive content packs for holidays – for example, the President’s Day pack features an Oval Office background and characters representing well-known presidents.
American presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump in cartoon format
  • It supports lesson plans on a wide variety of topics, including lab safety, dinosaurs, weather, emotions, nutrition, ancient Rome, cell biology, social issues, space, the justice system and more.
cartoon strip about the planet mars

Signing up is quick and easy. Over 4.6 million people have used Pixton EDU to create cartoons and comics. More than 30 million comics have been created to date! Your class is going to love it. 

Here are some of our favorite things about Pixton EDU:

1. It makes reading and writing less intimidating.

Comics are fun and approachable. Pixton EDU aligns with Common Core standards in math and language arts. Each comic frame features an image with a speech bubble. Most students can handle a picture and a few words or sentences, no matter how reluctant a reader or writer they are. Students can create comics to explain concepts related to math, science, history, social issues, personal growth and more. They can even put together book reports on popular novels, such as “Tuck Everlasting” and “Because of Winn-Dixie.”

student created comic strip summarizing the book Tuck Everlasting

2. The images are extremely customizable.

The first thing you get to do when you log in to Pixton EDU for the first time is to create your own cartoon avatar. There are so many options that allow you to build an avatar that looks just like you – pick your hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, facial features, height and more. You can even add freckles. Pick out your outfit and add jewelry or makeup if you want. Then choose your facial expression and pose.

cartoon avatar maker similar to bitstrips, showing avatar customization options

The comics are extremely customizable, too. Students can choose backgrounds, characters, outfits, poses and more. They are able to zoom in or out to change the perspective of the comic. You’ll get to know your students better as they create comics featuring their interests.

3. You can create virtual class pictures!

cartoon avatar class photo created with pixton edu

Once teachers create their own comic avatar and invite students to join the virtual classroom, a class photo starts to come together. How fun and cute are these?! Student personalities really shine through in the facial expressions, outfits and poses they pick for their avatars. Since we’re not physically together, these virtual classroom photos are a great way to enhance feelings of community.

4. It makes any subject a fun learning opportunity

A variety of content packs are available based on subjects, as well as popular books and movies. When you add content packs to your account, your students can use associated backgrounds, characters, outfits, poses and expressions to create their own comics. In addition to strengthening reading and writing skills, students might find a passion for history, social justice, literature, arts, science, math or health. Making comics on a computer or other device is also a fun way to introduce STEM concepts to your class.

grid showing the different subjects pixton comics can be used for in school

5. It gets kids excited to be creative and share their work

Students are more excited to research subject material when they get to create their own graphic-novel style comics to show what they learned. Each student will bring their own unique perspective, which is perfect for learning from each other. Students can make cartoons to show real-world math applications, explain science topics, make social studies relatable and more.

cell biology comic featuring robert hooke, discussing photosynthesis

 You’ll be the cool teacher!

We all need a win right now! Pixton EDU will raise your cool teacher status big time. You’ll also get students to willingly engage in active learning because it won’t feel like schoolwork. This is a great tool to make teaching easier for you while sparking a love of learning for your students. 

6. It can be used with all different types of learners

The comics can be used to support any lesson – even math! Students can do them during class or on their own time and both individually or in groups. They can be assigned at the beginning or end of class, to early finishers or as quiet work while you’re assisting other students. The comics are also a great way to check in and start conversations with less outspoken students.

word problem math comic demonstrating division

7. They have some awesome printable options

Teachers can print the following items that can be used for classroom management, décor, and/or organization. They are perfect for hanging on doors, walls and bulletin boards and similar to the quality you see on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers.

  • Character maps
  • Classroom supply labels
  • Voice-level charts
  • Class expectation banners
  • Individual student cards
  • Teacher avatar
  • Student avatars

Pixton EDU is continuously building a library of printable comic items, so more fun stuff will be available to print in the near future.

printable classroom rules about voice levels featuring student cartoon avatars

printable classroom rules about respect and growth mindset featuring student cartoon avatars

8. It’s an awesome way to approach tough topics.

The world is pretty scary right now. Many students are worried about their loved ones getting sick. They are also missing their teachers, friends, routine and extracurricular activities. They are sad their field trips, class parties, dances, and graduations have been canceled. Comics are a great way for students to talk about their concerns and feelings.

comic demonstrating covid 19 prevention techniques like handwashing and social distancing

10. It’s FREE right now!

Did we mention Pixton EDU is offering full access FREE for the next 30 days to help support students and educators during the COVID-19 crisis?! Sign up now, send your students your classroom link and get started with collaborative, playful, creative learning.

You’re going to love having a fun way to stay connected with your students while giving them new ways to learn.

This Cartoon-Making Website Makes Learning Fun & It's FREE for 30 Days!

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