30+ Best Podcasts to Learn a New Language

30+ Best Podcasts to Learn a New Language

With the recent explosion of podcasts, more people than ever are absorbing new information through their headphones. And why not? We are constantly on the go – in the car, at the gym, waiting for our kids at soccer practice. It will come as no surprise, then, that podcasts aimed at listeners wanting to learn a foreign language have also seen a major increase in popularity. From Swedish to Japanese and everything in between, if you are interested in immersing yourself in a new language, there are language podcasts perfect for you.

And while a podcast cannot help you learn to speak and pronounce words in a new language, they can expose you to native speakers and help train your ear to discern words, phrases, and idioms. They can be particularly helpful at teaching new vocabulary.

So the next time you are jogging on the treadmill, turn off the Lady Gaga and tune in to a language learning podcast instead! Here are our top choices, starting with general foreign-language oriented podcasts and then broken down by best podcasts for various specific languages.


1. News in Slow

News in Slow Podcast

The News in Slow podcast delivers the news in a fashion that caters to language learners – slow and steady. The podcasts are available in Spanish, French, Italian, and German, and listeners can select either the intermediate or advanced level. Listeners can expect to learn new vocabulary words in the context of current events as well as common idioms that are accompanied by pronunciation and grammar lessons.

2. Actual Fluency

Actual Fluency Podcast

Want to be inspired to learn a new language? Look no further than Kris Broholm’s podcast, which gives listeners tips and tricks to shorten their journey to language mastery. You’ll hear from regular people who have mastered another language, and Broholm will equip you with the tools you need along the way.

3. The Fluent Show

Fluent Show Podcast

Kerstin Cable and Lindsay Williams know 15 different languages between them, which makes them perfect hosts for this podcast which is all about getting listeners excited about language learning. In a style enhanced by their natural enthusiasm, they share their own stories, plus ideas and techniques, to help you along your language journey.

4. Coffee Break Languages

Coffee Break Languages Podcast

The Coffee Break Languages podcast is available for those learning English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, or Chinese. In short lessons you can complete during a short break from work, you can learn beginning to advanced language skills. Beginners start at season one, whereas season two is for intermediate learners, and the seasons after these are advanced. There are even language courses for children called High Five French and High Five Spanish.


5. Audiria

Image result for audiria podcast

Audiria teaches Spanish to listeners, who choose a podcast “channel” in areas like kitchen, TV, humor, and history. There is a beginners channel, too, for those starting from scratch.

6. Spanish Obsessed

Spanish Obsessed Podcast

Hosts Lis and Rob are, as the podcast title suggest, Spanish Obsessed. Their share their love of the language through easily accessible lessons for beginners through advanced Spanish speakers.

7. Speak Spanish with Maria Fernandez

Maria Fernandez Spanish

Podcast listeners tune in to short lessons with titles like “how to roll the double R,” “which Spanish verbs have an irregular future?” and “do you know these five everyday Spanish idioms?” Listeners can expect to hear conversations and practice their vocabulary with audio flashcards.


8. Talk in French

Talk in French

Host Frédéric Bibard intersperses language lessons with information about French culture into this podcast, which provides a nice mix to keep listeners motivated and tuned in.

9. Parlez Away

Parlez Away

In this Babbel podcast, native English speaker Ted learns French from Caroline. The podcast focuses on conversational language.

10. One Thing in a French Day

One Thing in a French Day

This unique podcast is part language lesson, part travelogue. The host, a Frenchwoman who lives in France, shares one thing about her day in each episode, but she does so in careful, deliberate language that is perfect for intermediate learners.

11. Podcast FLE

PODCAST FLE addresses intermediate and advanced learners who want to practice their listening comprehension of French. Podcasts episodes cover a wide range of topics such as news, current events, grammar quizzes, interviews and more.


12. Bitesize Irish

Image result for bitesize irish podcast

Bitesize Irish is a podcast in English that teaches listeners about both Irish language and culture. Episode 126, which aired in January 2021, is entitled Your Irish Language Journey and is a great starting place for those new to the podcast.


13. Con Parole Nostre

Con Parole Nostre

Con Parole Nostre is a bit like One Thing in a French Day in that it’s a peek inside a conversation of local speakers. Enjoy listening in on three Italian women friends who discuss their Italian lives with this inviting and entertaining podcast.

14. 30 Minute Italian

30 Minute Italian

Host Cher Hale is a delight to listen to, and she walks learners of all levels through fun Italian lessons that feel really accessible in 30 Minute Italian.


15. German Grammar Pod

Image result for german grammar pod podcast

Laura, the host of German Grammar Pod, is a financial translator, so she spends her days immersed in the intricacies of the German language. Her passion is in explaining the rules of grammar that are essential for listeners to really learn the language.

16. Slow German mit Annik Rubens

Slow German

This podcast is an absolute gem for those looking to learn German. The short lessons are about five minutes in length and start with content for absolute beginners, though the host works her way through advanced content, including German fairy tales.


17. Yes Japan

Yes Japan Podcast

The focus of Yes Japan is on conversational Japanese and grammar lessons, making it a good place to begin your immersion into Japanese.

18. Tofugu


This really funny, irreverent, and sometimes random podcast is filled with information about Japanese culture. It’s a good supplement for those interested in learning Japanese, but be prepared for some tangents that are not related to learning the language.

19. Let’s Learn Japanese from Small Talk

Image result for let's learn japanese from small talk

Casual banter abounds in this Japanese podcast focused on conversational language.

20. Jappon

This podcast is a great starting place for beginners to the Japanese language. A lot of the focus is on breaking down lessons from the Duolingo app.


21. Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation

Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation

Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation is one of my favorite language podcasts because it focuses on language in the context of culture. Weekly lessons that are about 15 minutes long help listeners learn conversational Persian.


22. Takeaway Chinese

Takeaway Chinese

This is a great podcast for beginners, as the hosts cover everyday language and take time to really focus on new words so they can be committed to memory.

23. Mandarin Monkey

The Mandarin Monkey

Two hosts, one English and the other Taiwanese, teach language lessons in a tone that stays lighthearted. It features a lot of repetition, making it a good podcast for beginners to tune into.

24. Chinesepod


Chinesepod is a huge resource with thousands of lessons for beginners through advanced speakers. Each lesson starts and ends with a dialogue that is broken down during the bulk of the podcast.


25. Streetwise Hebrew

Streetwise Hebrew

In this podcast, host Guy Sharett breaks down modern Hebrew with a focus on slang, using the Hebrew language as a jumping-off point to talk about Israeli life and culture.


26. Simple Swedish

Simple Swedish Podcast

Simple Swedish bills itself as perfect for those who are just past the beginner stage but who find native content too challenging.

27. Mordpodden


In this true crime podcast, two Swedish journalists talk about Swedish murder cases. While this isn’t strictly a podcast for those wishing to learn Swedish, the simple, straightforward vocabulary makes it great listening practice.


28. You Too Can Learn Thai

You Too Can Learn Thai

Designed for beginning and intermediate learners of the Thai language, the content of this show is created by Dr. Khru Nan, a prominent linguist.

29. Learn Thai

This podcast contains over seven hundred interesting lessons ordered by difficulty.


30. Russian Word of the Day with Kira

Russian Word of the Day with Kira

Host Kira DeMattia breaks down one word at a time in simple, three-minute podcasts. There are also YouTube videos available to accompany the podcasts, for visual learners.

31. Russian For Cats

Russian for Cats

Seriously, this is the greatest thing. The first season features a bilingual cat named Nadia. The podcast is presented mostly in English with some Russian phrases interspersed, making it perfect for the very beginning of your language learning journey.

With over 6,500 languages in the world today and a mere 12 featured on this list, there is a chance the language you are interested in isn’t included. Luckily, this list just scratches the surface of the world of language learning podcasts, as there are hundreds of language learning podcasts being produced today. As they say, the world is your oyster – pick a language and dive in!

What’s on your teacher wish list? Let’s discuss in the #teacherlife community.

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