30 Fun & Educational Spring Videos for Kids of All Ages

30 Fun & Educational Spring Videos for Kids of All Ages

Spring fever hits most of us around March and April. The weather is warming up, but summer break is still a couple months away, and kids just want to be outside playing. Keep your students focused in the classroom by incorporating short spring videos – baby animals, sprouting gardens, and spring holidays into your usual schedule and routine. Not only will your students learn something new, but they will also be able to bring some of that long-awaited spring into the classroom!

Here are some great spring videos to get you started.

Seasonal Fun!

1. The science of spring

Your students will learn about the science behind the season of spring. This science-packed video teaches kids about baby birds and why and what birds sing during their lovely springtime songs. Students will also learn about why and how it rains, how seeds grow into plants, and the amazing spring life cycles that take place under rocks.

2. Fun facts about spring

Did you know kids grow faster in the spring? They do! Learn more about this and other amazing facts about spring with this short nature-filled video.

3. Spring facts

This short video uses a combination of auditory facts about spring accompanied by captivating photographs showing the facts in action. Your students will see flowers blossoming, sprouts emerging from the earth, and animals waking up from hibernation. There are also informative facts about various spring holidays including St. Patrick’s Day, April Fool’s Day, and Earth Day. 

4. March, April, May

Jack Hartman uses silly songs and images to teach students what happens in each month of the year. These videos tell students how many days are in each month, as well as some major things that happen during that month.

5. Spring allergies

Many children suffer from spring allergies and this video tells them why it happens and what’s going in their bodies when they experience those bothersome allergies. It also covers the contribution of the immune system when it comes to allergies.

Cute Baby Animals

6. Animals in the spring

Your students will get to see hibernating animals waking up. The video also shows how birds build nests and how rabbits build their burrows. Students will also see animals, such as butterflies and geese, that migrate during cold months and return home in the spring. The images of baby animals are sure to captivate the attention of your students!

7. Spring animals wake up

Use this story read aloud to teach students about animals that wake up in the spring. The highly engaging pictures combined with the rhyming text teach students about spring habitats and the animals that wake up in each of them when spring comes. The added sound effects only make this story more entertaining!

8. The life cycle of a butterfly

This video shows the life cycle of a butterfly using animated pictures and on-screen text. Your students will get to see how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly while also reading along with the story.

9. Butterfly, ladybug, and bumblebee songs

Let your students sing spring bug-themed songs with this video full of simple to learn and easy to sing songs. The silly animations that accompany the songs only make this video more entertaining!

10. Baby animal yoga

This quick video shows cute images of baby animals alongside a yoga pose imitating a movement from each animal. Squeeze in a bit of exercise while also celebrating the start of spring.

Math and Reading Spring Style

11. Springtime patterns

Incorporate math into springtime in your classroom with this short video showing students how to make tangrams using pattern blocks. Flowers, a bunny, the sun, and butterflies are shown.

12. National Geographic spring read-aloud

With the usual colorful images and high-quality facts, this National Geographic read aloud gives a wide variety of information about spring. The engaging text will also give students some great reading practice.

13. The Thing About Spring read aloud

Introduce your students to an entertaining lesson about the signs of spring, such as buds on the trees and melting snow, with a story about a rabbit who hates spring and his friends who try to change his mind.

14. I see spring

This online read aloud video portrays some of the most common things about spring, such as rain and robins, with kid-friendly rhymes. The illustrations are colorful and engaging, making this video sure to teach even the youngest students something about spring.

15. Spring phonics

Combine images of things students might see in spring with a lesson on the beginning sounds of words. There are 26 images included in this video – each of which shows a picture of something that we see in spring, as well as auditory sounding out of each word. This video will help early and emerging readers practice their letter sounds.

16. Spring patterns

Reinforce patterning concepts with this fun spring-themed song. The video shows a get-stuck-in-your-head song that shows students patterns, such as ABAB and ABBABB, with fun spring-themed pictures.

17. A stroll in spring

Teach your students the “s” three-letter blends, including scr, spr, and str, with this practice video. The video starts by teaching the sounds each three-letter blend makes with sentences students read out loud. Then the students take a stroll in spring to further practice words with each of these three-letter blends.

18. Short U Sound

Reinforce the sound of short u with this short song about a classic spring necessity – the umbrella. The words of the song are easy for little learners to grasp and the illustrations are kid-pleasing and fun.

19. When Spring Comes read aloud

This story, by Kevin Henkes, shows students what happens if they wait until spring. Birds will hatch, the clouds will rain, and the flowers will bloom. It’s a quick and simple story perfect for even the youngest audiences.

Sing and Dance for Spring

20. What do you love about spring?

This engaging song covers many of the things that happen in the spring. For example, the goldfinch sings and the tulips bloom! The sun also shines, the leaves grow back, and plants bask in the sun. This catchy tune is fun, but it also teaches students about what changes they see every spring, as well as what holidays are celebrated each year in the spring.

21. Spring songs for kids

If you have a bit more time, this 30-minute video teaches students several songs about spring. The tunes are catchy, and the words are included so your emerging readers will also get some reading practice. These engaging songs also include key facts about spring things, like rain and baby animals.

22. Spring rhythm

This video teaches students about the different values of notes and how many beats each is worth. Your students will learn how to keep rhythm using spring pictures. This is a great introduction to reading music.

23. Springtime dance

Get your students up and moving with this short video about things that happen in the spring. Kids will dance as they pretend to be bunnies, birds, flowers, and a garden sprinkler.

Crafty Springtime Fun

24. Color me spring

Through color words and engaging animation, this video shows students many things about what happens in the spring, such as the snow melting, the trees budding, shedding winter clothes, bugs, baby birds, and butterflies.

25. Draw spring

Encourage any budding artists you have in your class to draw spring. This quick video demonstrates how to draw a spring scene that includes a butterfly, clouds, the sun, flowers, ladybugs, and a caterpillar. Your students can color their picture when they’re done for some fun spring art to display in your classroom!

26. Spring Lego

Incorporate some STEAM time into your classroom with this video that shows kids how to build spring things with Legos. Set to music, the demonstration videos give step-by-step directions to build a chick, a butterfly, and a bunny.

Grow a Garden

27. Grow a garden song

This song includes repeating words for kids while also showing how a garden grows. The simple facts about dirt, rain, and sunlight are perfect for even the youngest students.

28. Parts of a seed

All the facts about seeds and how they grow into food are included in this short video perfect for any science class about the life cycle of plants. The video also includes information about what seeds need to grow and how they make their own food.

Sights and Sounds of Spring

29. What is rain?

Carl Cloud teaches children about rain in this animated video. The water cycle is explained in a kid-friendly way with images that accompany the text. The words are also included on the screen so your students can also practice reading about rain!

30. Sounds of spring

Use this video during work time to help your students focus or during quiet time to encourage relaxation. The music is set to scrolling images of spring pictures, such as baby birds and blooming flowers.

Any of these videos will help reinforce your classroom lessons about spring in a fun and engaging way for your students! They’re great for all ages – who doesn’t like watching baby animals or singing catchy songs?!

Happy Spring!

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30 Fun & Educational Spring Videos for Kids of All Ages

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