15 Classkick Tips and Tricks For Teachers That’ll Make Life Easier

15 Classkick Tips and Tricks For Teachers That'll Make Life Easier

Classkick is a tool for teachers that allows real-time monitoring, assessment, and communication all in one place. It is loaded with features to save teachers time, including templates and organizational tools. Spice up your lessons with peer helpers, stickers, manipulatives, and more.

Here are 15 tips to get started with Classkick!

1. Import or create a roster

After creating your Classkick account the first thing you will want to do is create or import your class roster. If you have a free account, enter each students’ name. If you prefer a quicker process, a pro account enables you to import your classes from Google.

Classkick Tips - Create a class roster

2. Import your lessons

If you already have tons of lessons made and don’t want to be starting over with a new site, you can easily import any pre-made activities right into Classkick with just a few clicks. Go to assignments, click the plus button, and select “create from file” to import your lessons.

3. Visit the assignment library

Make your life easier with assignments shared by other teachers on Classkick. Go to the assignment library and search by subject and grade level to find awesome activities for your class.

Classkick tips - Use the assignment library

4. Assign specific activities to students

After you have either imported lessons or used shared activities, you will need to assign them to specific students or classes. Do this by going to your assignments tab and clicking on the three dots next to any assignment. Then click “assign” and who can view the assignment.

Classkick tips - Assign activities

5. View student work

On any assignment, Classkick makes it easy and visually appealing to see your students’ work all in one place. By clicking on “view work,” you can quickly peruse all your students’ completed assignments.

View Student Work

6. Give stickers to students

From the “view work” screen, you can also give your students stickers on their work. Students need positive reinforcement, especially when working virtually!


7. Grade assignments

Also, from the “view work” screen, it is simple to grade multiple student tasks in one place. Click any of the boxes at the top to enter grades in for your students.

8. Try out auto-grading

Stop grading work at night and on the weekends when you use the auto-grading feature. If your assignments are multiple-choice or fill in the blank, Classkick will automatically grade them for you!

After you have graded an assignment (or used that fancy auto-grading feature), you can view trends for your students by sorting individual questions or assignments.

View class trends

10. See when a student was last online

Check up on your students by clicking on their name and viewing the most recent time they have been on Classkick. Send them a reminder about their work if you see it’s been a while!

11. Export grades

Of course, you will need to move your grades somewhere else after Classkick, because nothing can be that easy! Use the export feature to transfer your grades to a CSV file where you can import them into other grading platforms.

12. Answer student questions

Students can chat with you about any assignment. Respond to them using the chat feature which makes communicating a breeze!

Classkick chat

After you have created or imported an assignment, you can use the “link” feature in the assignment to add videos from YouTube or other sources.

14. Add manipulatives to assignments

Create a matching task by letting students drag and drop vocabulary words to pictures or add a math manipulative to help your students learn a new topic.

Add manipulatives

15. Enable peer helpers to let students help each other

Turn on the “peer helpers” feature on an assignment so that students can ask for help and their peers can give them feedback and assistance.

Give your students one place to go for all assignments in your classes. Classkick makes it simple to assign work, grade assignments, and give feedback to your students!

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