10 Book-Related TikTok Assignments That Students Will Love

10 Book-Related TikTok Assignments That Students Will Love

When it comes to student engagement, it is crucial for teachers to make learning meaningful and relevant to kids’ daily lives. And right now, the biggest phenomenon consuming our students’ lives? You guessed it – TikTok! If it’s already on their mind, why not give TikTok assignments that allow students to creatively express their knowledge about the books you’re reading in English class?

Whether they use the TikTok app, or just make 60-second videos, there are so many possibilities for students to analyze your class novel in a format that feels fun and related to their lives. The great part is that they can use popular filters, sounds, and other trends, while still sharing their understanding of the content!

1. Get in character

Students make a video as a character from a book you’re reading. They can dress up and share what’s going on in their life from the perspective of the character – who’s affecting them, and how they’re trying to solve their problems. They can even make multiple videos using different trending sounds and filters!

2. Take the author’s perspective

To work with literary analysis, students pretend to be the author of your class novel and explain their choices for a quote, scene, or chapter.

3. Compare and contrast two books

Instead of writing a paragraph or essay, give students the chance to share their understanding through a video. They could explain the similarities and differences between aspects like the authors, characters, settings, writing styles, tones, and themes.

Here is a discussion of This is Concrete Rose and The Hate U Give, both by Angie Thomas.


Spoiler free! #concreterose #angiethomas #thehateugive #bookreview #bookrecommendations #booktok #yabooktok #perfectmatch

♬ original sound – Kelsey (she/her)

4. Create an epilogue as a news report

Once they know the ending of the book, students decide where the protagonist is five (or more) years later, and they can tell the story as a news anchor. The news report should cover details about the character’s career, relationships, and life outlook.

5. Make a book trailer

Book trailers have been around for a while, but students can put a new spin on the idea through a TikTok video. There are so many ways for students to be creative with this and other TikTok assignments!

6. Ask the author

Have students come up with a list of interesting questions to ask the author, using quotes from the book to explain their thinking. Students can even tag the author on TikTok and see if they respond!

7. Read a 60-second excerpt

To promote reading fluency, allow students to choose a passage of the novel to read for 60 seconds. They can practice changing their volume, tone, and speed for the most dramatic effect.


Don’t be like Gatsby or you’ll end up alone and dead in your pool. ##booktok ##fyp ##featureme ##gatsby ##relationship

♬ original sound – BRIEF

8. Interview the side characters

Students can show their understanding of the relationships in the novel by pretending to interview one or more of the side characters. The characters could share their perspective on the plot, a specific conflict, or their feelings about the protagonist.

9. Explore themes with music

Books have multiple themes, and students can delve into these themes by finding songs with similar meanings. They can play the songs, explain their similarities, and find quotes from the book and songs that prove how they’re related thematically.

10. Cast the movie adaptation

There might be a movie version already, but give students the chance to cast their ideal version of the adaptation. Students can choose actors and actresses for each character, and they can explain why they’d be the best fit. They can even show pictures of their choices and explain how the physical features match the character descriptions.


POV: you’re Katniss Everdeen and you’re thirsty #HungerGames #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tiktokwellness #meetmypet #familystorytime #realityripple♬ original sound – hotcousintoks

We’ve all been hearing about our students’ favorite obsession, so these TikTok assignments are the perfect way to show our students that we care about what’s important to them! Plus, they are more likely to do assignments – and actually learn from them – when it interests them.

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10 Book-Related TikTok Assignments That Students Will Love

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