50 Best Math Resources on TpT For All Grade Levels — According to Teachers

Teachers' favorite Math Resources on TpT

Every math teacher knows how time-consuming it can be to create lessons, worksheets, homework, and tests for all their classes. Teachers Pay Teachers has thousands of resources available that can save loads of time. However, selecting the best resources can take a chunk of time, so we’ve put together this list by grade level. These TpT math resources will save you time and up student engagement. We’ve included games, assessments, entire units, murder mysteries, crafts, and much more!

Here are 50 TpT math resources that will make teaching math easier than ever!


PreK - Kindergarten TPT Resources

1. Number sense activity

This download has multiple activities for teaching number sense from 1-20. Students practice ordering numbers, comparing numbers, and identifying numbers.

2. Common core assessment pack for kindergarten

If you’ve ever tried to create your own common core assessments, you know how hard it is to make it align, while keeping it at the correct difficulty for your students. With this pack you are given pre-aligned assessments that cover numbers, measurement, geometry, and much more!

3. Coin sorting wallet craft

Let your students create their own wallets and learn about all of the coins with this fun download. Once they make their wallet, they can practice sorting coints into it.

4. Math center activities

Save hours of time with these math center activities. There are 27 different tasks for students to do that practice numbers 1-30. Each activity is programmable, so you can choose which numbers you want students to practice before printing it.

1st Grade

First Grade TPT Math Resources

5. Interactive math worksheets

Check out this bundle to get 57 interactive activity sheets that cover every 1st-grade Common Core standard. These are fantastic for math stations, small groups, homework, or morning work.

6. GeoBoard station

Create your own Geometray station with this fun geoboard activity for students. This includes common core standards, the geoboard, task cards, and a recording page for students in stations.

7. Math charts packet

These seven charts/posters are free to download and can be displayed all around your classroom walls. It includes an addition chart and a hundreds chart. Both are great for 1st graders. You can even give them to students as a reference in their binders!

8. Digital number talks

This resource is a huge bundle of over a thousand pages. It provides daily math lessons for the entire school year covering each and every topic in detail. Some of the activities even have choices for difficulty to provide differentiation with no extra effort on your part!

2nd Grade

2nd Grade TPT Math Resources

9. Multiplication fact booklets

Use these multiplication booklets to teach students the concept of multiplication. It also includes flashcards to cut out at the end of each booklet.

10. Double digit subtraction with regrouping

Here are all of the activities you will need to teach subtraction with regrouping including posters, crafts, worksheets, and flap-books.

11. Interactive math notebook

This interactive notebook can be used digitally or printed for students as a wonderful reference tool. They can look back at it to remember a specific topic or review for a test. It covers all of the 2nd-grade Common Core standards.

12. Common Core assessment pack

Try out this pack for assessments on every 2nd-grade math topic as well as a standards checklist so you don’t leave any out!

3rd Grade

3rd Grade TPT Math Resources

13. Math quick check  

This resource can be used as an exit ticket, homework, or extra practice. It covers the entire 3rd-grade Common Core curriculum and includes an answer key as well as print or digital options.

14. Distributive doctor

Check out this product to help teach your students the distributive property. The students pretend that they are surgeons and must break apart the arrays. By putting them in the middle of their learning, they will have a greater understanding of the concept.

15. Early finisher board

Every teacher has one or two students who always finish everything early and need something to keep them busy. Use this board to give them new tasks every two weeks to complete when they have some extra time. It keeps them occupied and learning at the same time!

16. Multiplication games   

Keep practicing multiplication with your students with 30 weeks of games using simple materials like cards and dice.

4th Grade

17. Place value

Students will become detectives in this activity trying to solve five crimes that will require them to use place value skills. There are two options for how you print this game to differentiate it for your learners.

18. Word problems task cards  

Practice challenging word problems with these 32 task cards that include all four operations and involve money, measurement, and time.

19. Area and perimeter robot

In this differentiated activity, students get the opportunity to build a paper robot using predetermined areas and/or perimeters.

20. Math concepts posters  

Decorate your 4th-grade classroom with these math posters. They can be used as a learning tool as well since they have spaces to fill in as you teach different topics.

5th Grade

5th Grade Resources

21. Road trip themed project

This is a road trip themed math project is great to use after a school break. Practice problem solving, following directions, place value, decimals, and measurement all in this fun project!

22. Math task centers

This bundle includes three sets of math centers: standards based math task centers, digital self-grading practice, and printable math center activities.

23. Long division error analysis

Give your students these nine long division worksheets to let them discover what error was made, why it was made, and how to fix it. They will become experts at fixing their own mistakes in no time!

24. Review activities

These are great activities for the end of the school year to review all of the math that was learned. It includes both printable and digital materials for your use, as well as independent work and collaborative group work.

6th Grade

6th Grade Resources

25. Math escape rooms

These hour-long escape rooms are made for virtual learning and involve 34 different math tasks for students to complete. The escape room topics include geometry, equations, number system, ratios, and statistics.

26. Ratios and proportions

Download this product for a full 10 day unit on ratios and proportions. Everything you need for your lessons is part of the package- student worksheets, assessments, and answer keys.

27. Math word wall

Add color to your bulletin board or put words all around your Math classroom that represent what you are learning. Spanish words are available as well to be used in a bilingual classroom.

28. Math warm-ups

Get your math class started every day with these 120 warm-up activities that cover and reinforce the entire 6th-grade Common Core curriculum.

7th Grade

29. Proportional relationships

Download this unit for 10 days of lessons and activities that cover proportions, unit rate, and unit pricing.

30. Review packet

If you are looking for a summer practice packet or an end of the year review guide for 7th grade, then look no further! This guide includes 100 questions for students to solve that will review major concepts such as equations, proportions, and order of operations.

31. Math intervention

This bundle of resources is amazing for students that are falling behind and need a little extra help to get caught up. It provides a tracking sheet, pre and post assessments, review sheets, worksheets, and error analysis.

32. Probability mystery activity

Have your own murder mystery scene play out in your classroom with this probability activity that teaches about sample spaces and simple and compound events.

8th Grade

Math resources

33. Review task cards

Print or digitally send these 60 task cards to your 8th-grade students to review major topics to help them prepare for assessments or have extra practice over the summer!

34. Scatter plot for Google Classroom

This is the perfect product if you are distance learning and teaching about scatter plots. The scatter plots with Google Classroom includes slides to show your students with 22 interactive slides for your students to complete.

35. Equations

Check out this complete 14-day unit on equations that includes PowerPoints, guided notes, activities, practice sheets, and tests!

36. Pre and post assessments

Use these assessments at the beginning and end of the year to see how much progress your students have made during the school year. The questions on the assessments are aligned with Common Core standards.

9th-12th Grade

37. Excel budget

Download this budget project to give students a hands-on learning experience that teaches them how to manage money!

38. Order of operations

This digital product features 27 interactive slides to teach order of operations with brackets, powers, roots, and reciprocals.

39. Pre-Algebra review

Use this review packet to sharpen your students’ skills of pre-algebra. The download includes five pages of example problems, 100 practice questions, and an answer key.

40. Polygons and quadrilaterals

Get this bundle for an entire geometry unit on polygons and quadrilaterals that will make teaching geometry easy! It includes notes, homework, quizzes, a study guide, and an assessment.

41. Linear Inequalities Google Slides

This digital activity is fantastic for teaching your students about linear inequalities using Google Slides with 10 worksheets for students to complete.

42. Graphs of sine and cosine

Use this auto-check Google Form activity to check your students’ understanding of sine and cosine. You will even get a question-by-question analysis afterward so you know which areas to reteach or practice.

43. Find and fix algebra

This nifty product has problems for students to check for error analysis. They can even scan a QR code to get helpful hints!

44. Algebra 1 diagnostic test

Determine where your students’ strengths and weaknesses are in algebra with the self-grading digital or print assessment.

45. Parallel lines, transversals, and angles math lib

Students will love this activity (even in high school) as they go through each of 10 stations to solve problems with parallel lines and transversals. All of the answers will lead the students to the complete story.

46. CSI geometry

Let your students solve this criminal investigation with nine different math puzzles while learning about every aspect of geometry.

47. Systems of equations activity

Try out these 15 sets of cards that will have students match up linear equations to words problems. This download is a great activity to be used during distance learning!

48. “Deal or No Deal” probability game

Teach your students all about probability through this exciting TV show game. Make it interesting by adding in cool prizes!

49. Graphing practice

This product has all you need to give your students extra graphing practice including a digital graph on Google Apps. Each graph also has six critical thinking questions to make it just a little more challenging for students.

50. Slope intercept form coloring activity

Use this as an extra in-class assignment or as homework by having students solve slope-intercept problems and color the attached sheet based on their answers.

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