20 Amazon Products Under $10 Teachers Need in Their Lives Right Now

20 Amazon Products Under $10 Teachers Need in Their Lives Right Now

Yes, of course, everyone knows that teachers deserve a million dollars a year, a personal chef, and a yacht in the color of their choosing. But you probably don’t have an extra million or a spare boat lying around, so we’ll make it easy on you. Spend $10 or less on one of these 20 Amazon teaching products that will make you or your favorite teacher’s day—without breaking the bank.

Just so you know, we may get a small share of the sales made through the Amazon affiliate links on this page.

Desk Decor

Because keeping it organized and stress-free makes a big difference.

1. Elephant Pencil Holder and Cell Phone Stand

Under $10 Teacher Products Elephant Pencil Holder

Another night of grading? This adorable elephant will hold your multicolored pens and balance your phone on its trunk, giving you the ultimate chill grading experience.

2. Marble Green Onyx Apple Paperweight

Stylish apple paperweight

Get it HERE.

If you like to keep your desk cool and classy, you can dress it up with this smooth marble paperweight. It’s one of the most stylish apple teacher gifts we’ve seen!

3. Desk Organizer High Capacity Pen Holder

Teacher desk organizer

Get it HERE.

Whether you’re as neat as a pin or have a desk buried under an unstable mountain of grading, broken pencils, and runaway sticky notes, we won’t judge you. Either way, you will love how this convenient supply organizer makes your life easier.

4. Homecube Pencil Case with Zipper

Stylish teacher organizer

Get it HERE.

Is your teacher bag filled with runaway pens? Keep those loose supplies easy to find with this compartmentalized zippered case.

5. Sunany LCD Writing Tablet

Under $10 writing tablet

Get it HERE.

Cool, fun, and versatile, these clearable writing tablets make a great addition to your teaching tools, whether mounted on your desk as an announcement board or used in one-on-one work with students.

6. MONMOB Creative Pencil Holder

Corgi pencil holder

Get it HERE.

We could all use an extra dose of cute at the end of a long day. You’ll be all smiles when you store your pens and pencils in this happy little corgi container. A corgi to put a smile on your face every day for under $10? So worth it!

Cool Tools for Classroom Management

That’s right. Even classroom management can be fun with these great options.

7. Pack of 60 Classroom Incentive Chart

Incentive chart pack

Get it HERE.

Reward students for the behavior you want to see with these simple charts. The pack also includes pads of smiling star stickers!

8. Magic Bend Pencils

Bendy pencils

Get it HERE.

Seeking the perfect incentive prize? Fascinate students with these colorful bendy pencils. While not exciting, pencils are also welcome as teacher gifts.

9. Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes

Rainbow sketch art box

Get it HERE.

Bored of those beige, dusty sticky notes? Write hall passes, encouraging notes, and more for students with this exciting scratch notepad.

10. 12 Ruler Snap Bracelets for Kids

Ruler snap bracelets

Get it HERE.

Fun and practical, students can use these ruler bracelets to take their learning anywhere. Or wear a few yourself and start a teacher must-have fashion trend.

11. Incentive Loyalty Reward Cards

Incentive loyalty reward cards

Get it HERE.

Another great incentive tool, these punch cards will resonate with any student in the Dutch Bros generation.

12. Aim High Notepad, 50 Sheets

Teacher gifts - Under $10

Get it HERE.

Do you have students who struggle organizing their independent work time? This notepad can help! By sorting tasks into immediate, short term, and long term goals, students will be able to focus on what’s most important.

13. Floral Call Bell

Floral call bell

Get it HERE.

If you’re a fan of simple attention getters, this little call bell may be just the thing you need (especially if you like flowers!).

14. Musically Tuned Chime

Musical chime

Get it HERE.

Another excellent attention getter, this chime will bring kids back while maintaining a calm classroom atmosphere.

Unique and Inspiring

Treat yourself or a teacher in your life with these creative teaching supplies.

15. 30 pop-Open Cards, Each with a Different Inspiring Message Inside

Inspiring note cards

Get it HERE.

We all need a little encouragement sometimes. Use these cards to remind yourself why you teach, and why it’s all worth it.

16. Rose Lake Badge Holder Lanyard

Teacher gifts - floral lanyard

Get it HERE.

You have to wear your badge every day, so why not dress it up a little? These patterned badge holders with lanyards will get you excited to walk into school each morning. Comes in multiple designs and color schemes.

17. Animal Shaped Bookmark Clips

Animal shaped bookmarks

Get it HERE.

Half of being a teacher is finding paper clips in every nook and cranny of your life, from the bottom of your bag, to the back of your car, to the cracks between your couch cushions. If you’re going to spend your life surrounded by paper clips, they might as well be colorful and shaped like fun animals!

18. Cute Sloth Sticky Notes Page Flags

Sloth sticky notes

Get it HERE.

Sleepy and slow today? Express yourself by marking your planner, books, and more with these hilarious sloth sticky tabs.

19. Timelike Math Clock for Under $10

Math clock

Get it HERE.

This clock is perfect for a math teacher—or just a huge math nerd! Make sure to check out this list of hilarious clocks for the classroom!

20. OHill Pack of 32 Animal Erasers

Animal erasers

Get it HERE.

Great as classroom supplies, prizes, or just to have around, make anyone’s day with these sweet animal erasers. You get 32 for under $10!

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20 Amazon Products Under $10 Teachers Need in Their Lives Right Now

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