Best Mics for the Classroom and Online Teaching

Best Mics for the Classroom and Online Teaching

Day after day, you are hosting classes online, creating instructional videos, and conducting meetings when necessary. As the days, weeks, and months tick by, that much talking can really take a toll on your voice. With the amount of time you’re spending online (and to be honest, even when things return to normal), voice amplifiers and mics can be a game-changer. So, here’s a list of some of the best mics for the classroom and a few great headset mics for online teaching that you may want to add to your teacher’s toolbox. 

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1. This voice amplifier is great for online teaching where there’s no mask required 

Winbridge Voice Amplifier - Teaching Mics

This voice amplifier gives off a clear and crisp sound with no noise distortion. The microphone is a headset unit, so, while it may not be ideal for in-person teaching while mask mandates are still in play, they’re sort of perfect for classroom teaching. That said, it’s lightweight and compact; it comes with an adjustable band and a clip so you can carry it like a crossbody bag, wear it around your waist or clip it to your belt or waistband. The unit charges by a USB cable, it needs three to five hours for a full charge, and it continuously works for six to eight hours on a full charge. 

2. This mini gooseneck is great for dictation 

Fifine Mini Gooseneck Mic

When you’re teaching online and sitting at your desk for most of the day, this mini gooseneck microphone would be the perfect helper for getting your point across. This microphone uses a standard USB connection; it features plug-and-play functionality for both Macs and PCs, and per the description, it’s great for internet voice chat. It also features a sturdy rubber base, flexible gooseneck, and an anti-slip rubber pad so it will stay in place. What’s more, there are three color options: black, blue and silver. 

3. A condenser mic that’s great for live streaming your classes or creating a tutorial to take your place

Fifine Metal Condenser Mic

Condenser microphones are known for their ability to deliver crisp, clear audio and are often sought after for voiceovers, voice recording, or live streaming. So, it stands to reason that this microphone would be ideal for teaching online. This microphone features easy-to-use plug-and-play functionality, it’s compatible with Macs or PCs, and it has a loud output. Moreover, the condenser has a high-quality recording feature, so if you need to create tutorials or instructional videos, you’re set. 

4. This mic is podcaster approved

Blue Snowball Mic

The Blue Snowball Mic is an incredibly popular condenser mic, well known for its crystal clear audio. Most folks seem to use this mic for creating podcasts, voiceovers on home movies, and recording vocals, so it’s easy to see where it fits into online teaching. This mic features plug-and-play capability, so it’s easy to use, and it comes in black and white. 

5. This speakerphone mic sits quietly in the corner and listens to every word you say

Speakerphone Mic

If you are looking for a microphone but don’t want something in your face while you work, the Kaysuda speakerphone might be the way to go. This microphone is both a USB speaker and a microphone for your PC, and it sits on your desk unobtrusively, so there are no headsets or handsets to get in the way. The speakerphone features 360-degree omnidirectional coverage, so it picks up sound from any angle. For that reason, this may be the mic you need when you’re required to wear a mask in the classroom. It delivers crisp, clear sound, and as an added bonus, it features noise reduction and echo cancellation. What’s more, this speakerphone has plug-and-play capability, so all you need to do is connect it to your PC, and you’re ready to go. 

6. A mic that will make you feel like the rockstar you really are

Computer Condenser

This condenser mic by Tonor is ideal for online conferences, distance learning, streaming, chatting, or podcasting.  With plug-and-play functionality, it’s easy to install and easy to use; plus, it suppresses background noise and offers clear, crisp sound. If that weren’t enough, it also comes with an adjustable tripod stand and a pop filter. 

7. A mic with a rose gold option; you’ll be the envy of your office… Oh, wait. 

Rose Gold Mini Amplifier

This voice amplifier is another option with a headset, so it’ll work for online teaching or the classroom, once mask mandates are lifted. The voice amplifier takes about three to five hours to fully charge, and on a full charge, it offers eight to twelve hours of run time. It’s lightweight and adjustable, and the microphone portion features a flexible gooseneck for easy adjustments. As a fun little surprise, this unit comes in two color choices: black or rose gold. 

When you’re talking all day, every day, microphones and voice amplifiers can be real voice savers. These accessories will kick up your volume just enough to grab everyone’s attention and manage your class, whether you’re in person or online. 

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Best Mics for the Classroom and Online Teaching

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