8 of the Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Online Teachers

8 of the Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Online Teachers

As the pandemic rolls on and lockdowns and quarantine continue to ebb and flow, we’re all spending more time on our screens. While some folks are taking it in stride and making the best of the situation, I would venture to guess that no group has shown more resilience than teachers (and, of course, their students). As we continue to weather this situation, a pair of blue light glasses can make a big difference.

The new year and the new normal undoubtedly find them staring at screens instead of whiteboards (perhaps with varying degrees of interest, but that’s another story). However, as screen time increases exponentially, there’s one drawback worth noting. More screen time means more exposure to blue light.

While research on the myriad effects of blue light exposure is still in its infancy, a few studies have shown that increased exposure to blue light slows and even stops the release of melatonin—the hormone that regulates sleep. Moreover, an increase in screen time has been linked to a disruption of your body’s circadian rhythm, and subsequently, your sleep patterns. If that weren’t enough, exposure to blue light has also been linked to blurry vision, eye strain, and even headaches. 

Alas, the situation is what it is, and it looks like remote learning and remote work will be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. So while we may not be able to cut back on screen time, there are a few clever products on the market that can help us minimize the damage. Ahead you’ll find a list of the best blue light blocking glasses and screens to keep your blue light exposure in check. 

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1. Feidu Blue Light Blocking Glasses (4-Pack)

Blue light glasses four pack

If you like flexibility and tend to choose your accessories based on your mood or your outfit, you may consider this set of blue light blocking glasses. This 4-pack of blue light blocking glasses is available in four color combinations. And coming in at less than $16 for the bunch, it’s kind of a steal. 

2. Sojos Retro Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Style choice

The market for blue light glasses has exploded in recent years, so that means you have tons of options: round, rectangular, or triangular (ok, maybe that’s a stretch). The possibilities are endless. If round frames are more your bag, these blue light blocking glasses will speak to your personal style and keep you on-trend. Even better, there are 11 colors to choose from. 

3. Gamma Ray Anti-Glare Blue Light Blocking Glasses 


If your eyesight needs a little assistance, these blue light blocking glasses pull double duty as readers.  Not only are these glasses lightweight and durable, but you can choose from a variety of magnifications. What’s more, these glasses have anti-reflective lenses, so they’re great for teaching a zoom class—or three. 

4. MeetSun Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light glasses, two pack

If you tend to look for your glasses while they’re on your head or tossing them around is your M.O., two pairs of glasses are certainly better than one. While these glasses effectively block out blue light, they also check a few other boxes. They reduce glare, they have a minimal yellow tint, and they’re impact resistant. 

5. J+S Vision Glasses With Magnification

Blue light blocking, color preserving glasses

For a sleek addition to your eyewear wardrobe, try these blue light blocking glasses by J & S. Per the manufacturer, these glasses block up to 90% of harmful high-energy blue light. At the same time, it allows up to 79% of low energy blue light to filter through and keeps the color distortion to a minimum. Moreover, these glasses are available in a generous assortment of shapes, and you can choose between high def or low def lenses. 

6. Aieyezo Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Silicone framed glasses

Made from a soft but durable silicone frame, these blue light blocking glasses are an excellent choice for kids, translation: they’re shatterproof. These glasses block 99% of blue light, they’re anti-glare, and they’re available in a ton of fun colors. 

7. Fonshoo Clip-on Glasses


If you already wear prescription specs, blue light blockers can be a bit more tricky. These clip-ons, however, might be a great compromise.  Made from durable polycarbonate, these glasses are super lightweight, and using them is as easy as pinching the clip and attaching them to your existing frames. 

8. Blue Light Blocking – Laptop Screen Protector

Laptop screen

These laptop screen protectors are a great (and inexpensive) alternative for those who already wear prescription glasses. Sold in a convenient two-pack, these screen protectors adhere to your screen for blue light protection that you don’t need to think about every minute. Unlike other screen protectors, these screens offer 95% transparency, and they’re anti-glare. Even better, they’re available in a wide assortment of sizes, so whether you’re trying to fit a Macbook or a desktop screen, you’ll have no trouble finding the right size.  

I don’t know about you, but $25 (or less) to protect my eyesight and those precious zzz’s? Sound like a bargain to me. 

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8 of the Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Online Teachers

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