The Most Hilarious Gifts For Grammar Nerds and Teachers

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Attention all language arts, English, writing, and literacy teachers, all grammar experts and grammar police – we all know at least one! Here are a few fun gift ideas for the grammar lovers in your life.

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1. Silently correcting your grammar.

I'm silently correcting your grammar blue t-shirt.

Get it here.

2. Grammar Police Soap

Soap for grammar police. Smells like your annoying. Ahahaha. It's so easy to get under your skin. SOAP

Get it HERE.

3. For the angry grammar nerds

Coffee mug reading:
They're = they fucking are
their = shows fucking possession
there = specifies a fucking location
you're = you fucking are\

Get it HERE.

4. Silently correcting your grammar – Mug edition!

I am silently correcting your grammar coffee mug.

Get it HERE.

5. I before E

I before E Coffee mug, reading:
Unless you leisurely deceive eight feisty caffeinated foreign heirs to forfeit their heinous sovereign conceits.

Get it HERE.

6. There, They’re, Their

There, their, they're T-shirt

Get it HERE.

7. Punctuation saves lives

Let's eat kids. Let's eat, kids. Punctuation saves lives. T-shirt

Get it HERE.

8. Hyphenated, non-hyphenated

Hyphenated. Non-hyphenated. The irony. T-shirt

Get it HERE.

9. The candle sure to drive your grammar nerd friend crazy

A candle for grammar police. Smells like your annoying. Ahahah. It's so easy to get under your skin.

Get it HERE.

10. Grammar Police

Grammar police to serve and correct. T-shirt

11. Grammar Police Pencils

Pencils for grammar police, reading:
"You lost me at "Your beautiful".
"Punctuation saves lives.

Get them HERE.

12. Synonym

Synonym, (noun) a word used in place of the one you can't spell.

Get it HERE.

13. The Grammarly Owl

owl saying "Whom" stemless wine glass.

Get it HERE.

14. To correct and serve

Grammar police coffee mug reading:
"To correct and serve anything you say incorrectly can and will be used against you.

Get it HERE.

15. The Oxford Comma Llama

Spit, spit, and spit.
- the Oxford Comma Llama Sweat shirt.

Get it HERE.

16. Correcting your grammar stemless wine glass

I'm silently correcting your grammar. stemless wine glass

Get it HERE.

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Most hilarious gifts for grammar nerds and teachers

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