26 Products That Teachers Must Have For Self-Care

26 Products That Teachers Need to Take Care of Themselves

The school year is well underway and it is truly a marathon, not a sprint, to the end! Along the way, you are going to need some self-care items to treat yourself when you feel like the “before” picture of a TLC makeover show. Here are twenty products teachers will definitely need to take care of themselves this year! 

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1. A journal for venting all of your frustrations about your crazy day. 

A journal for venting all of your frustrations about your crazy day.

Get it here.

When you feel like screaming into the abyss, put those flair pens to use and journal the nonsense away!

2. A Book of the Month Club subscription 

A Book of the Month Club subscription

Get it here.

This subscription box lets you pick one out of five new books per month. Put on a diffuser, put your feet up, and dive into a world that isn’t filled with runny noses and emotional meltdowns!

3. A whole case of wine

Whispering Angels Wine Case

Get it here.

Look…this may seem pricey, but having a whole case of Whispering Angel (aka the Housewives’ favorite wine) will come in handy when you think it’s Friday and it’s only Tuesday. Need a teacher wine glass to go with that? Check out that hilarious list of teacher wine glasses.

4. Soothing bath salts

Herbivore CALM
Soothing bath salts

Get it here.

Herbivore has a devoted following for some of their cult faves, including this relaxing bath soak. 

5. A Vitamin-D boosting desk lamp

A Vitamin-D boosting desk lamp

Get it here.

If you work in a room without any windows or with minimal lighting, this bad boy is for you. Get your daily dose of mood-boosting vitamin D with this small, but powerful lamp. 

6. A wine glass holder for the shower or bath

GAOAG Shock-absorptation Breathable Insole Orthotics Gel Sports Comfort Shoes Insole

Get it HERE.

Whether you’re jumping in a nice hot shower or soaking in a relaxing bubble bath, this portable wine glass will attach to anything from your bathtub to your shower walls… You’re welcome!

7. Shoe inserts so you aren’t in crippling pain after standing on your feet all day.

GAOAG Shock-absorptation Breathable Insole Orthotics Gel Sports Comfort Shoes Insole

Get it here.

These massaging gel inserts are like tiny pillows for your worn-out legs and feet. Check here for our favorite teacher shoes that are comfortable and stylish at the same time!

8. A journal to reflect on what makes YOU happy

 A journal that'll make you reflect on what makes YOU happy
26 Products That Every Single Teacher Needs to Take Care of Themselves

Get it HERE.

This awesome diary features 52 blank lists for reflecting on your strengths, your passions, what makes you happy and what needs to be eliminated from your life. A must-have!

9. A device to get all of those knots out of your aching back.

LiBa Back and Neck Massager

Get it HERE.

Little Tommy giving you knots in your upper back! This device pairs perfectly with that new Netflix show you have been dying to check out!

10. A subscription to the CALM app 

CALM app

Get it here.

This one here is worth the money. If you weren’t lucky enough to sign up for their FREE teacher membership, fear not! The Calm App is not currently taking applications, but they will be back and running soon. Use this for yourself or with your students when you all need a time out. 

11. A roll-on to ease migraines and headaches

Migrastil Migraine Stick Roll-on, 0.3-Ounce Essential Oil Aromatherapy 10ml

Get it here.

People swear by this stuff. It’s like magic in a rollerball. 

12. A Bob Ross Coloring Book

Get it here.

Yes, all of your dreams ARE coming true! Paint away your problems and color away your stress.  

13. A mini zen garden that reminds you of summer

Kenley Mini Sandbox for Desk - Miniature Beach and Zen Garden - Sand Toys Play Kit for Kids, Adults, Office - Sand Box Gift Set with Natural Sand, Wooden Tray, Lid, Rakes, Rocks and Accessories

Get it here.

Dreaming of those relaxing summer days at the beach? Bring a little piece of summer to your classroom with this calming sandbox for your teacher desk.

14. A Fab Fit Fun Subscription box

take care - self-care kit

Get it here.

If you like to try new products, this subscription box will be your jam. For only $50 a quarter, you get over $300 worth of products four times a year. It’s like Christmas all year round!

15. A cozy sweatshirt blanket (the original one, as seen on Sharktank!)

THE COMFY: Original Blanket Sweatshirt,

Get it here.

Any teacher you know needs this sweatshirt blanket in their lives for these long grading nights, or when it’s freezing cold in their classroom.

16. A collection of face masks

TONYMOLY I'm Real Hydrating Mask Sheet

Get them here.

These masks will get your frazzled, ashen-skin looking fresh in no time!

17. A laugh-out-loud book about the joys and perils of teaching

teachers must take care of themselves

Get it here.

Nothing will make you feel less alone that reading about Jane Morris’ hysterical adventures in teaching. 

18. An SPF-based lip balm that is legit HEAVEN

Supergoop! Fusion Lip Balm SPF 30, Mint, 0.5 fl.oz.

Get it here.

This lip balm is BOMB.COM. If you have any type of outdoor duty, I highly suggest you invest in this product.

19. “If you can read this, bring me some wine” socks

Get them here.

You may be familiar with the “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” saying. Well, here’s the newest upgrade.

20. Dry shampoo for when you just can’t be bothered to wash your hair

Get it here.

21. A candy box subscription

Get it here.

Because sometimes, all you need is a box of artisanal treats regardless of what the scale is telling you. 

22. A foot soak made for athletes – AKA teachers

Get it HERE.

You do not need to take a full bath to help soothe your feet. Get a cheap foot spa here to rejuvenate your feet after those long days of never sitting down!

23. Boxes of soothing tea

Yogi Tea Relaxation Variety Pack - 5 Different Stress Relieving Herbal Teas

Get it here.

When you are tweaked out on too much caffeine, pull out some Yogi tea and decompress a bit. While this tea won’t magically grade your never-ending stack of papers, it will certainly be your friend in arms. 

24. This back, neck and shoulder massager that comes IN A BAG

Get it HERE.

Sometimes a solid shoulder rub is all you need to take the stress away but paying for a massage every week can break the bank. So why not treat yourself to a shoulder rub every day with this awesome gadget! You deserve it!

25. Essential oils

Get it here

Stressed out? Grab some oils. Got a headache? Grab some oils. Need some energy? Grab some oils. Stash this bad boy in your desk for when you have even the slightest ailment at school. Need a diffuser? Grab this full set of oils + diffuser at an affordable price.

26. A full set of bath bombs

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 USA

Get it HERE.

Fill the tub, drop one of these suckers in there, and you’ll be sleeping like a baby after!

26 Products That Teachers Must Have for Self-care

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