Shoes Teachers Love That Are Actually Stylish And Comfortable!

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One of the best investments you can make as a teacher is in a reliable pair of shoes. Teachers are on their feet all day, every day. Sore feet contribute to sore backs, which can contribute to headaches and overall increased stress. Taking care of your feet is something you won’t regret! We’ve put together a list of some comfortable and even stylish options for shoes that teachers rave about, and won’t break the bank. Enjoy!

1. Clarks

Get them HERE.

Clarks are an all-time favorite. They’re super comfy, and stylish at the same time. They’ll be your best friends for years to come once you’ve given them a try! I personally own this pair of women’s shoes in pink and would recommend them to anybody who’s on their feet all day. If this model is out of your budget, there are some more affordable Clarks options. These are cute and simple, and pricing starts at $16.49.

2. Clarks Chukka Boot

Get them HERE.

Men’s choice of Clarks are these Desert Chukka Boots. They have fantastic reviews and they all praise the comfort! They look sharp and fashionable at the same time, definitely a good buy.

3. Crocs

Get them HERE.

Yep, you’ve read right. Who said Crocs only made rubber shoes? Whether you love them or hate them, this pair of comfy slip-ons from their women’s collection has nothing to do with the infamous classic rubber shoes. These canvas flats come in navy blue, black and grey and will go with pretty much any pair of pants you own.

4. More Crocs!

Get them HERE.

Super comfortable with thousands of good reviews, they are the perfect everyday pair of shoes. They’ll go with any pants/shorts you own, and the best part of it all, they’re on the cheap side, especially for the quality you get. The men’s model comes in different shades of greys, in blue, brown, black and khaki.

5. Skechers Bobs

Get them HERE.

So many teachers swear by these. They look just like Toms, but they feel like you’re wearing a pair of sneakers. You can find them in a wide variety of cute colors/patterns, and they have THOUSANDS of good reviews, from happy customers who praise their comfort.

6. Skechers Classic Fit

Get them HERE.

I love the color selection on these men’s sneakers. They’re casual and dressed at the same time, and Sketchers are always comfortable. They’re also pretty affordable, which makes it a good brand for teachers in need of comfort, while on a budget.

7. Xielong

Get them HERE.

These leather ballet flats are so cute and the best part: they’re super light, fold up easily, and don’t take up much room in your teacher bag. They’re perfect as a back-up pair, in case you need a break from your heals, or had an incident in the classroom… They’re also pretty affordable and the material is sturdy. Definitely a good investment.

8. Tommy Hilfiger Jyler

Get them HERE.

You will not find better “semi-formal shoes”. It’s always hard to combine professionalism with comfort, while on a budget. These men’s shoes are definitely pricier than some other brands recommended in this list, but they’re sharp looking, sturdy, and comfy! A favorite for Parent-Teacher Conferences. You also have cheaper options within the Tommy Hilfiger Jyler brand. I would recommend the Leslie Oxford which has more of a classic cut and a more formal look, or those Tommy Hilfiger ARTISAN for a more casual look.

9. Ollio Pointed Toe Oxford

Get them HERE.

Classy, and casual at the same time, they will go with pretty much any outfit you own, and most importantly they’re comfortable! Go check out their classic models that have a great number of reviews as well.

10. Rockport Sp Wing Tips

Get them HERE.

Rockports are a safe bet for men’s shoes. Many teachers swear by them for their comfort, plus they look very sharp! I personally love the more casual look of these Rockports Plain Toe Oxford that also have great reviews.

11. Taos Fashion Sneakers

Get them HERE.

Yep, a bit pricey but they’re just so pretty and comfortable! It’s basically like wearing sneakers but in a fashionable way. Check out the great selection of colors.

12. ECCO Tie Fashion Sneaker

Get them HERE.

I LOVE the look of these, and honestly, they could be worn by all. ECCO has some great men’s choices, whether you’re looking for something casual, vintage or classy. These Helsinki slip-ons have tons of great reviews! I would definitely recommend this brand.

13. Taos Casual Slip-ons

Get them HERE.

Yes more TAOS! Simply because they’re so comfortable. These look more dressed than the previous “Taos fashion sneakers“, and they have only great reviews – great support, super comfy, and look very professional – a rare combination.

14. Rockport Penny Loafers

Get them HERE.

This pair is on the pricey side, but it’s sturdy and well-made for those looking to invest in a high-quality shoe. The reviews are good, and Rockport is a reliable brand. They’re perfect if you’re looking for a casual/formal look!

15. Lucky Brand Ankle Booties

Get them HERE.

If you’re looking for a pair of comfy booties, these are a great choice! Thousands of good reviews, and well-known amongst teachers for their comfort. You can find this model in almost every color.

16. ECCO Helsinki Slip-Ons

Get them HERE.

I already mentioned these above, but they deserve their own feature! If you’re looking for something classy and dressed, whether, for an interview, PTM, or because this is the way you dress every day, these men’s shoes are your go-to. The thousands of reviews speak for themselves – they’re extremely comfortable and will last for years. Definitely worth the investment.

17. Sanuk Leather Loaf Flat

Get them HERE.

Comfy and stylish, these slip-ons are very flattering for those with wide feet! Great reviews and popular in the teachers’ preferred shoe collection. This same leather model is also available in black.

18. Sanuk Vagabond Slip-Ons

Get them HERE.

You can’t go wrong with a pair on Sanuk slip-ons! They’re cheap and super comfortable! Plus you can wear them everywhere – at school, out, or even at the beach during summer break!

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