16 Hilarious Teacher Wine Glasses You Can Find on Amazon

Teacher wine glasses

If you’re looking for a fun and cute gift for your teacher friend, for your teacher partner, for your kid’s teacher, or just for yourself, we’ve got you covered with this epic list of teacher wine glasses. Even for non-wine-drinkers, these would be any teachers go-to cup during those late nights grading papers. Fill them with wine, whiskey, soda, or just water!

If you’re still unsure if a wine glass is the right kind of gift, check out this list of super cute and hilarious teacher t-shirts!

By the way, Bored Teachers may get a small share of the sales made through the links on this page. We try our best to only recommend useful stuff that all teachers love!

1. Because students.

Teacher wine glass - because students

Get it HERE.

2. #teacherlife

Teacher wine glass teacher life

Get it HERE.

3. No one has to know what’s inside that teal sippy cup…

Teacher wine glass - I teach therefore I drink

Get it HERE.

4. Spot on.

Wine because punching people in the face is illegal - Teacher wine glass

Get it HERE

5. Tiny humans stole my sanity

Tiny humans stole my sanity - Teacher wine glass

Get it HERE.

6. Good day – Bad day

good day - bad day - Teacher wine glass

Get it HERE.

7. For all the teacher moms out there!

Mom juice - Teacher wine glass

Get it HERE.


Get it HERE.

9. Because teachers can’t live on apples alone

Get it HERE.

10. What’s your superpower?

I'm a teacher what's your superpower - Teacher wine glass

Get it HERE.

11. Teacher life at its finest!

I like romantic walks down every aisle at target - Teacher wine glass

Get it HERE.

12. This says it all.

Lesson planning juice - Teacher wine glass

Get it HERE.

13. Wine & happiness, one and the same.

Get it HERE.

14. Keep your apples, I’d rather have wine!

Keep your apple I'd rather have wine - Teacher wine glass

Get it HERE.

15. After school snack

after school snack - Teacher wine glass

Get it HERE.


teacher wine labels - Teacher wine glass

Get them HERE.

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