The Most Hilarious Classroom Clocks You Can Find on Amazon

Funny clocks for the classroom

Looking for a fun idea for your classroom wall or for a thoughtful gift for a teacher? This list of 14 awesome wall clocks has something for almost every kind of teacher, from educational to funny and straight-up silly. Enjoy!


By the way, Bored Teachers may get a small share of the sales made through the links on this page. We try our best to only recommend useful stuff that all teachers love!

1. This math-teacher-favorite is not only clever, it’s educational!

Math equations wall clocks

Get it HERE.

2. The ultimate reminder.

Time is passing in this class. Are you? Wall Clock

Get it HERE.

3. Because pizza. No explanation needed.

Pizza wall clock

Get it HERE.

4. Because sometimes, it just doesn’t matter.

Whatever wall clock

Get it HERE.

5. You can’t scare me, I’m a teacher.

You can't scare me I'm a teacher wall clock

Get it HERE.

6. Solve the time.

Mth calculation wall clock

Get it HERE.

7. Number-shaped animals for the little ones.

number shaped animals wall clock

Get it HERE.

8. There is no crying in physics.

There is no crying in physics wall clock

9. For those not-so-punctual teachers with a sense of humor.

Whatever I'm always late wall clock

Get it HERE.

10. I put the PRO in “Procrastinate”.

Who says I procrastinate? wall clock

Get it HERE.

11. I wish I had some spring rolls, I’m starving.

Finally my winter fat is gone. Now I have spring rolls. Wall clock

Get it HERE.

12. For those teachers always dreaming of summer break.

I'd rather be at the beach wall clock.

Get it HERE.

12. Only math teachers can appreciate this one.

radian wall clock.

Get it HERE.

13. For the English teachers who prefer words over numbers.

Led word clock

Get it HERE.

14. Just a reminder for all the non-teachers in the room.

Not a babysitter wall clock.

Get it HERE.

Funniest wall clocks for the classroom

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