The Ultimate List of Black Friday Deals For Teachers!

black friday teacher deals

We put together a comprehensive list of Black Friday deals on all the things teachers love and need. So, if you have the time and energy after Thanksgiving, you’re not going to want to miss out on these amazing offers! Just don’t forget to keep your school ID on hand while your out shopping this weekend. 

Just as a heads up, some of the links in this article are affiliate links, but everything is carefully hand-picked by the Bored Teachers team with the best deals we could find!

Black Friday Deals on Everything Tech:




Augmented Reality STEM Tools






Black Friday Deals on All Classroom Supplies:

Black Friday Deals on All Games & Toys:

Black Friday Deals on Everything For Your Home:







Black Friday Deals on Amazon Products:

Other Teacher Discounts You Can Combine With Black Friday Deals:

  • A.C. Moore: 15% off entire purchase with valid school ID
  • J. Crew: 15% off in-store valid school ID
  • JoAnn Fabric and Crafts: 15% off all online and in-store purchases with valid school ID
  • Michaels: 15% off in-store on items classroom-related items, only

Some Places You Can Get Teacher Discounts All Year-Round:

  • Adobe – various education discounts
  • Apple – various deals for teachers
  • AT&T – various discounts to teachers for participating schools
  • Bose – various discounts to teachers through their Educator’s Program
  • The Container Store – teacher discount program
  • FedEx – 15% off
  • Michael’s – 15% off
  • OfficeMax – teacher rewards program
  • Office Depot – teacher rewards program
  • Sprint – various discounts to teachers for participating universities
  • Staples – teacher rewards program

Check out this comprehensive list of places you can find teacher discounts all year round!

The Ultimate List of Black Friday Deals For Teachers!

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