This T-rex Costume Is on Sale and Will REALLY Get your Students’ Attention!

This T-rex Costume Is on Sale and Will REALLY Get your Students' Attention!

Need something to grab the attention of your students? What about showing up as a giant t-rex?! You can snag this awesome inflatable dinosaur costume right now for only $48.99 which is a whopping 46% off the usual price. 

Just so you know, we may get a small share of the sales made through the Amazon affiliate links on this page.

Teachers, check out this inflatable dinosaur costume to grab student attention!

Get it HERE.

Imagine this…

  • Your class logging on for their next virtual session and seeing a full-blown t-rex moment happening on the other side of the screen!
  • Casually sitting at your desk as masked students enter the classroom and take their seats. Make a game of it to entertain yourself by trying to guess how long it takes certain students to notice. 
  • Waddling down the hall as a dinosaur to that staff meeting everyone knows could have been a five-sentence email.
  • Waving at parents to “keep it moving” during the morning car line. 

Teachers wearing inflatable dinosaur costumes

Teachers have been rocking these costumes before the pandemic and have continued wearing them to surprise and delight their students. 

  • A Texas teacher posed for the yearbook photo as a t-rex in 2019.
  • A British teacher ran through her neighborhood several times a week in an inflatable dinosaur costume to make neighbors giggle during lockdown. 
  • A kindergarten teacher made the rounds to her students’ homes in May to wave goodbye from a safe distance…while dressed as a t-rex.

This dino costume meets social distancing guidelines, for sure. The mouth and nose are covered. And it would be really hard for anyone to get too close to you. It’s perfect for pandemic teaching!

T-rex not your jam? For a few more dollars, you can also channel your inner pteranodon, triceratops, or velociraptor.

We love seeing the creative, and often hilarious, ways you keep your students engaged. Tag @BoredTeachers on social media with your hijinks.


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Rachael Moshman
Rachael Moshman, M.Ed., an editor at Bored Teachers, is a mom, educator, writer, and advocate for self-confidence. She's been a teacher in classrooms of infants through adult college students. She loves pizza, Netflix and yoga. Connect with her at rachael.m@boredteachers.com
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