15 Brilliant Homeschooling Hacks Parents Are Using Everywhere

Life-Saving Homeschooling Hacks Parents Are Using everywhere

Being stuck in the house for weeks and weeks with kids can drive a parent to the edge. Unless you find creative ways to keep them busy and teach them a little something-something at the same time! Check out how these clever parents are hacking their way through the quarantine to preserve some sanity…

1. Teach your kids about finance, autonomy, and reading, while getting them to do their household chores and get in a workout ALL IN ONE!

2. Take this advice…

3. Make an indoor Hopscotch using masking tape to get them practicing math and burning some energy!

4. Keep your living room organized with bins! Each kid gets their own bin with the materials they need for the day…

Less mess, more efficiency!

5. Use baking sheets with magnetic letters for young learners to practice reading OR math by counting toys.

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Homeschool Hack: put those cookie sheets to work! Before I did this, I often found myself looking for some sort of tray to contain school and fun. But then I realized, I already have one! Pull out your cookie sheets (with sides) and use them for: moving and preserving special LEGO builds, magnetic letters for new readers, “brooms” to sweep clutter into a pile on the floor (clutter meaning little LEGO pieces, doll shoes, lost blocks and cars, etc), trays for teacups for tea time, a food tray for a sick kids in bed, messy art and science projects (think: glitter and slime!) That you want to contain. They are super useful! If you already do this, I’d love to hear how you use them! @messyperfectionhomeschooler #messyperfection #homeschool #homeschoolfamilylife #homeschoolhacks

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The possibilities are endless!

6. Set some clear boundaries to not lose it every single day

7. Are your kids driving you nuts asking for snacks all day long? Create personal baskets for each kid so they can decide how they ration them throughout the day. Once their baskets are empty, no more! 

8. …or have them ready in Ziplock bags that they can carry around inside or outside.

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Kids snacking you out of the house?! Mine are trying. They constantly want to snack instead of eat meals. Enter the daily snack bag. This is it people. That’s all you get. Use them wisely! Ate it all before 11 AM? Then I bet you’ll be real hungry for your broccoli and chicken for dinner! Muuuuahahaaaa! And don’t worry, they eat their veggies and additional fruits at meals. . . . #healthysnacks #snacking  #whatsfordinner  #snackingallday  #whatsforlunch #wholesomefood #homeschoolhacks #momhacks #quarantine #quarantinewithkids #socialdistancing #momsincharge #lifeathome #sahmomlife #momofthree #momlifestyle  #momlifeisthebestlife #foodforkids #imomsohard  #wifeyforlifey #wifeandmom  #instamommy  #foodjournal  #foodjournalism #coronavirus2020 #lifechanger #letsdothis #flattenthecurve #learnasyougo #momgoals

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9. Create constellations with marshmallows!

Incorporate STEM whenever you can with whatever you have in your house! STEM is fun AND sparks curiosity in any and all children. They’ll be learning without even knowing it. You can do a bunch of fun activities with items you probably already have in your kitchen cabinets.

For more info on the benefits of STEM, check out this article!

10. Use giant painter’s paper rolls from the hardware store as a whiteboard, or as a painting/drawing/coloring canvas.

11. Make a “Create Your Day Planner” and have the kids involved in planning their own day.

It gives them a sense of responsibility and will help go through the tasks/activities with more enthusiasm! @Realmumreview puts a repurposed plastic wallet on a piece of old cardboard. Then, she creates little cards with a range of different activities, from educational ones to PE, house chores, and other fun stuff!

A great visual start to the day for little ones, helping bring back a little structure in a world which is, let’s face it, a bit confusing for us all!”

12. Use LEGOs to practice reading…

13. Did you know? Your fridge makes a perfect whiteboard!

14. So are your windows!

15. Try out this “Word Web” game.

Call out the word or phonogram and have your kids crawl through the “web” to find the card that matches!

Look on the bright side and take advantage of the situation to go back to the basics…

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Life-Saving Homeschooling Hacks Parents Are Using Everywhere

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