26 Teacher Fashionistas to Follow on Instagram

25 Teacher Fashionistas to Follow on Instagram

Let’s start with the obvious: teachers are on a budget. We want to look nice and represent ourselves well, but we need to do so frugally. How do some teachers ALWAYS look so put together if they’re on a budget?! There are tons of teachers out there who find deals on clothing and accessories, and lucky for us, they’re willing to share these tips with their IG followers!

Teaching styles in the classroom differ from class to class, so it goes without saying that teachers’ clothing styles are also different from one another. Some teachers feel most comfortable dressing in skirts and a blouse, while others do their best teaching in leggings and a sweater. We also all know a teacher who prefers to go all out in character costumes! There is no right or wrong way to put together your teaching wardrobe. Get inspired for the new school year by following these 25 very different teacher fashionistas who share teacher outfits, the latest deals, and much more. Make sure you also check out this list of awesome teacher T-shirts!

1. Follow @miss.goodytwoshoes for some pattern inspo!

Vanessa will show you all of the flattering patterns, like polka dots and plaid, to spice up your teacher outfits!

2. @theartoffunology has THE BEST earrings game.

Throw on a colorful pair of earrings to make any casual outfit come to life!

3. @samanthasmithblog will tell you everything you need to know about affordable teacher fashion.

4. @wearitnatsway is queen of casual, cute, and affordable teaching outfits.

5. @mrscasual shares links daily to every part of a complete outfit that’s affordable.

Jenn has even been sharing outfits to wear while teaching from home! She often shares deals as well. This is a must-follow!

6. @teacherfashionista often has fun animal print outfits to share!

7. @classroom.runway always wears a beautiful dress or skirt to inspire your fancy side.

8. @sra.davilamadwid will inspire you to wear those cutesy teacher outfits.

9. @gravygrades will show you how to mix and match the same pieces of clothing!

10. @petiteteacherstyle speaks to all of our petite teacher friends.

11. @kikiandherclassroom shares Disney inspired teacher outfits. A dream come true.

12. @apriltiara shows off amazing makeup/headband combo tips on her IG. She also uses her platform to fight for social justice. Follow her for some daily inspiration.

13. The tie-dye inspiration from @everydayteacherstyle is just what you need.

14. @deavionbluinnovations designs and models her very own teacher t-shirt creations!

16. @sonsandsunshine seamlessly blends outfits for both the mom life AND teacher life.

17. @malloryriddaugh has a whimsical and artsy teacher style!

18. @teachingfabwriters shares both fashion AND makeup tips.

19. @the_kiwi_teacher shares business casual, bow-tie friendly teacher outfits!

20. @misstexas_teachingadventures seriously knows how to dress it up!

21. @schoolinstyle will show you just how to rock your personality through your teacher outfit

22. @agnursingforall likes to describe her style as “Unique-Girl-Next-Door!”

“She’s the girl that lives next to you that’s cute, fun, and happy, but there is a spark of something extra about her that leaves you guessing.”

22. @teacherista knows how to layer patterns flawlessly

Jen also loves to showcase how she recreates outfits from other Instagram accounts!

23. @thefashionablybroketeacher rocks a boho style like no other teacher

24. @_thetrendyteacher is all about fashion and comfort, a must-follow!

25. @teachingwithcolourandstyle lets her artsy side shine through all those amazing teacher outfits

26. And finally, @cassie_stephenz, because she makes her own creative teacher outfits with all kinds of materials and they’re pretty awesome!

There are so many different ways to express your teaching style through clothing! From character dress-ups to business casual, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through in each of your teacher outfits.

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26 Teacher Fashionistas to Follow on Instagram

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