30 Best Ways for Teachers to Make Extra Money in 2020

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Let’s be real here: we didn’t go into teaching for the money. We teach because we’re passionate about making an impact on our students. Watching faces light up when our students have those “aha!” moments makes the frustrating parts of our job more tolerable… but it doesn’t pay the bills. Many teachers are forced to work second jobs to make ends meet. There are so many options available. Fortunately, many allow you to make your own hours, work from home or be your own boss.  Here are some great ways for teachers to make extra cash.


1. Teach college classes.

Many community/state colleges hire adjunct instructors with master’s degrees. Classes are held evenings and even sometimes on weekends.

2. Tutor.

Offer your services locally or apply to tutor at online sites like tutor.com or tutorme.com

3. Online teaching.

You’ve got the degrees, experience, and passion. VIPKid allows you to use it to earn money from the comfort of your own home! VIPKid hires teachers to teach English to children in China. VIPKid allows you to: set your own schedule, teach one-to-one in a virtual video classroom and earn up to $22 an hour. They even provide the lesson plans. Learn more about the amazing new VIPKid initiatives, as well as how they’ve launched satellites and actually adopted a panda (!!!) in this FREE eBook about the future of education.

4. Teach summer school.

The summer flies by, but by teaching summer school at least you’re making money doing what you know. Some summer school sessions are condensed into a month or even just a couple of weeks, so you could still have a bit of time off if you want.

5. Work at a summer camp.

Tons of kids are in summer day camps while their parents work. Camps love hiring teachers. There are lots of themed camps so you can even look for one based on your favorite subjects, such as a STEAM, or a favorite hobby.

6. Teach a skill.

Know how to sew, dance, play an instrument, knit, surf, coupon, take awesome photos with your phone or decorate a cake, etc.? Charge people to teach them how to do it.


7. Organize closets/pantries/cabinets.

Teachers have to develop organizational systems for survival. Put those skills to use and make cash by organizing closets, pantries, and cabinets for others.

8. Meal plan/prep.

Many people want to eat better, but they don’t know where to start or lack the time. Offer meal planning and/or meal prep services.

9. Fashion stylist.

Are you a fashionista? Love clothes and helping others find what looks good on them? Turn it into a business.

10. Comparison shopper.

Are you a pro at finding the best deal from curtains to laptops? Charge people to do the shopping legwork for them.

11. Vacation planning.

Love to research travel spots? Market yourself as a vacation planner and get paid to help people find the best travel, lodging, tours, restaurants, etc. for their vacations.


12. Grocery shop.

Shipt and Instacart both pay people to grocery shop and deliver groceries to their customers. You pick the stores you’re willing to shop at and set your own schedule.

13. Deliver food.

There are several app-based companies that hire drivers to pick up restaurant food and deliver it to hungry people at their homes or offices. Uber Eats, GrubHub, BiteSquad and Door Dash are some of the most popular options.

14. Give people rides.

Uber and Lyft allow you to make your own schedule. You use your car to give people rides. Many people work for both companies to up their chances of getting riders.


15. Walk dogs or pet sit.

Rover allows you to market yourself to their client base as a dog walker or pet sitter. You can board pets at your home or care for them in theirs.

16. Babysit/nanny.

Get paid to do the fun stuff with kids without the lesson plans, meetings, and piles of paperwork. Charge a little extra and throw in homework help. Set up a profile at care.com and sell up your teaching experience, training, and certifications. Also, check with local resorts in your area to see if they have a registry of babysitters for guests.

17. Care for ailing adults or seniors.

Can’t stand the thought of babysitting after being in a classroom full of kids all day? Use care.com to help you find work with adults instead. Assist someone who just had surgery or stay with a senior on the regular caregiver’s night off.

18. Housesit.

Houseplants are having a moment. People are hiring people just to care for plants when they go out of town. People post housesitting opportunities at housesitter.com.

19. Host children’s birthday parties.

Plan the party and games, then run the show on the big day.

20. Provide childcare at gyms.

This is something you can do on evenings and weekends – and often gives you a free or deeply discounted gym membership in addition to money in your bank account.

21. Help others get fit.

Do you love yoga, spinning, weightlifting, Zumba or other fitness activities? Get certified and start training others. Yes, the certification will be an investment of time and money upfront, but it will quickly pay off once you have clients and classes under your belt.


22. Virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants handle administrative type tasks for businesses and entrepreneurs from home. You might assist with spreadsheets, calls, emails, appointment setting or social media scheduling, for example. VANetworking.com and Fancy Hands are two websites to start your search for virtual assistant gigs.

23. Customer service.

Many companies including Amazon, Uhaul, AAA, and Hilton hire customer service agents that work from home. Evening and weekend agents are often needed.

24. Sell printable teaching materials.

All those cute calendars, flashcards, worksheets, journal pages, lesson plans, etc. you’ve worked so hard on? Upload them and sell them to other teachers! Websites like TeachersPayTeachers and Amazon Ignite provide the platform and customers to sell your products.

25. Search engine evaluator.

Search engine evaluators are trained to evaluate search results. Appen, Lionbridge, and Leapforce are a few of the companies that offer these positions, which typically pay around $13 an hour for part-time, work-at-home, flexible schedules.

26. Become a social influencer.

Yes, people really do make money as influencers, and no, you don’t need your own reality show or a huge following. Companies pay teachers to post about their product(s) on social media. There are many social influencer networks, including Izea, Mom It Forward and Tap Influence,  where you can apply for campaigns. You can also start a blog or a YouTube channel to share teaching tips and stories. Earn money through ads or sponsorships.


27. Resell used baby and children’s items.

Pick up used strollers, Pack’ n-Plays, toys, gently used clothing, etc. for cheap at garage sales. Then clean them up and flip them for a profit through the Facebook marketplace, consignment stores, or eBay.

28. Get crafty.

One teacher I know is currently knitting Baby Yoda dolls and selling them on Etsy for $30 each. Love to craft? Make your goods and sell them online or at local markets in your area. Homemade soap, aprons, jewelry, handmade baby quilts – whatever you enjoy creating. Have a Cricut? Use it to make snarky t-shirts and coffee mugs like, “Straight Outta Pencils” or “My dog ate my lesson plan.”

29. Sell secondhand fashion.

You can either focus on the latest trends or go vintage. There’s a big market for both. Apps like Mercari and Poshmark let you list items, manage sales and print shipping labels right from your phone.

30. Direct sales.

Do you love a product sold through a representative, such as cooking products, essential oils, candles, nail polish strips or clothes? Sign up to sell it! You’ll get the items you love at a discount and have the potential to earn money by selling it to others. With many companies, you earn a commission off the sales.

How to find clients?

Start with letting your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers know about your services. Post on Facebook – on your status and in local groups for your area. Create a flyer with info about your services to pass out. You might find yourself in such demand through word-of-mouth that you have to turn away customers!

How to find items to sell? 

Hit thrift shops and garage sales. Goodwill Clearance centers charge by the pound and are a great option for finding items to resell. Keep an eye on Facebook garage sale groups – lots of people post free items. Make sure to keep track of your expenses. Fifty cents here and a couple of dollars there add up when you’re purchasing inventory. You want to make sure you’re actually making a profit. Be picky about what you purchase. Be sure items are in good condition or that you’re certain it will be if you clean it up. Use your phone to check the sold items in apps like eBay and Mercari to see if similar items have recently sold before buying.

How do you know if a work-at-home company is legitimate?

Search for reviews of a company online. Flexjobs.com and Ratracerebellion.com are reliable sources for finding work-at-home jobs but still do your own research.

Yes, it’s unfair that so many teachers need supplemental income, but at least opportunities are out there to make some extra money on our own terms. We can even engage in our hobbies, snuggle cute puppies, get fit or get to extend our impact on students on the other side of the world while we make cash.

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