20 Best Math Apps Teachers are Loving Right Now

Best math apps for teachers

Are you a math teacher looking for the perfect math apps for your students? The options can be overwhelming. But never fear! We have narrowed down the list to just 20 which will make teaching and learning math easier for students and teachers alike. Save money with a graphing calculator app, practice multiplying with an engaging game, teach with an interactive whiteboard, or prepare your students for that big test with these exciting apps!

Student Learning Math Apps

1. Big Math Flash Cards

If you need your students to practice their basic math facts, this is the app for you! This Flash Cards app lets you choose which operation you are working on and the difficulty level for each problem. It also provides a correct score percentage for students to see how they are doing.

2. Shapes 3D Geometry Learning

The Shapes 3D app is a very creative way to teach geometric shapes to students. It gives them an inside look at the creation of shapes to learn the number of sides, vertices, and angles in a shape. Students can even use the app to build their own shapes using printable designs.

3. Moose Math- Duck Duck Moose

Your students will love this free app that teaches common core standards for Kindergarten and 1st grade. The app focuses mostly on counting, operations, geometry, and sorting. There are five multi-level activities where students can earn rewards and build their own city, all while learning math!

4. Math Symbols

This free app is an amazing tool to teach students about all of the math symbols that they need to know. It includes all of the following symbols and more: + – × ÷ = ≠ ≤ ≥ () %. The app includes example problems for each symbol so that students truly understand each symbol’s meaning.

5. Math Kids- Add, Subtract, Count

Check out this wonderful free app that teaches numbers, basic addition, and subtraction to young children. The app has mini games, puzzles, and quizzes that make learning fun and engaging. You can monitor the progress of students in the app as well as change the difficulty of the games.

6. Speed Math

Students can use this app to improve their mental math skills. It works on all of the basic operations with up to 3-digit numbers. The app makes memorizing math facts fun by adding an element of competition through an online leaderboard.

7. Slice Fractions

The Slice Fractions app is an incredible tool to practice fractions with your students. There are over 100 puzzles and problems that teach students about fraction ordering, numerators, denominators, and adding/subtracting fractions.

Utility Apps for Students and Teachers

8. Desmos Scientific Calculator

Here’s another free app – one that will save every math teacher the headache of running out of calculators for their students. It requires no internet connection and includes all the basic functions of arithmetic, trigonometry, and statistics.

9. Desmos Graphing Calculator

Similar to the last app on this list, Desmos Graphing Calculator is a free app that makes graphing easy to do without an expensive calculator. This graphing app features a few nifty tricks that we love, including sliders to adjust values, zooming in and out on graphs and plotting inequalities.

10. Math2PDF- Math PDF Worksheets

How much time do you waste every week trying to find worksheets for in-class practice or homework? Problem solved! Use the Math2PDF app to create math worksheets in just seconds. You can even add a school logo or specific headers on every sheet.

11. ShowMe

Turn your iPad into a whiteboard for demonstrating math problems with this free app. The app allows you to record the screen (and your voice) as you model how to complete the steps. Then you can share it with your students so they can replay it and see how every problem is solved step by step. No more being asked to repeat yourself hundreds of times daily!

Test Prep Apps

12. Practice, Test Prep, & Quizzes

This free app is an amazing study tool for students to use when preparing for math tests. It has thousands of practice questions that will help your class be ready for that big mid-year or end-of-year test. Almost any topic can be found on the app for every grade level, making this app a must-have for every teacher looking for interactive practice content for their students.

13. Chatty Math

This free app is like creating clones of yourself for your students when you can’t answer their questions. They can use this in class or at home to get extra math practice. The app has robotic, yet realistic, conversations with students and gives them problems to solve on their own. It will even offer a hint if needed by a student!

14. Math Interactive

The Math Interactive app is made for high school students and covers 23 different topics. The app focuses mostly on geometry, algebra, statistics, and trigonometry. A few of our favorite uses of this app are the interactive illustrations, detailed examples, and proofs. These all give students the “why” behind how a math problem is solved.

Game Apps

15. SplashLearn: Games for Kids  

This app includes content specifically for PreK-5th grade and breaks down the topics by grade level. For the younger kids, the app focuses on identify shapes and counting numbers. Second and third-grade students can play games to learn about place value, multiplication, and fractions. The older students (4th-5th grade) can use this app to practice with measurements, geometry, and algebra.

16. Teachley: Mt. Multiplis

The Teachley app is highly recommended when you are trying to differentiate instruction for students at various levels. While it looks like a game to find the treasure through a storm, this app is really a learning tool for students to practice their multiplication skills. It also scaffolds the learning into steps to make it easier for students to fully understand the multiplication process.

17. Buzz! Math Challenge Game

Beat the clock in this fast-paced math game that challenges students to improve their own times on arithmetic skills. The app has different levels in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division that will fits the needs of many different learners. Students can even compete against their friends for the best times. 

18. Operation Math

Let your students become a math spy with this adventure learning app. With over 100 missions to complete, students will have a thrill while learning and practicing math operations. This is a fun replacement for traditional flashcards!

19. Math Club- Mathematics Game

The Math Club app has over 3000 activities to teach arithmetic skills to elementary students. Learners get to choose a character at the beginning of the game and then take their princess or sheriff along an adventure trying to move up the levels. This makes learning more competitive and motivational for students to learn more and win the game.

20. Math Academy- Addition and Subtraction

Try out this game to help students with adding and subtracting numbers. This app is great for six to eight-year-olds. It has them move through multiple levels, unlocking new characters on the way. If your child makes it all the way through then you can check out the Math Academy- Multiplication and Division app for a harder challenge.

Try out a few of these math apps to make teaching and learning math easier for you and your students. They will love the games, you will be happy to save loads of time, and everyone will be glad that students are making bigger gains than ever!

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