How Teaching With VIPKID Will Change Your Life For the Better

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If you’re a teacher, traveler, or a stay-at-home parent, you’ve likely heard a lot of stir in the news about the popular online teaching platform known as VIPKID. In short, it’s a platform for North Americans (with any kind of teaching experience + a bachelor degree) to earn up to $22/hour teaching English to kids in China, all from the comfort of their home… or from the comfort of anywhere they want, really. Just as long as there’s a quiet room with a good internet connection! You can surf the web reading all kinds of reviews from people who use VIPKID as a means to travel the world, school teachers who use it to supplement their salary, moms who use it to have time to spend with their newborns, and others who could simply no longer meet the harsh demands of today’s education system. Some of what you read will list the pros and cons of the job, as any job has, but the majority express the positivity that being a VIPKID teacher has brought into their lives.

“With the amount of stress public school teachers face these days in regards to testing, documentation, large class sizes, etc. it is a no- brainer that this is the path I was meant to be on.”

VIPKID student learning online

Friendships Made Across the Pacific

Anyone who has ever been a teacher knows that there is no bond as special as the one between a teacher and their students. Teachers are an integral part in a child’s life. They are role models, counselors, coaches, cheerleaders, mentors, and much more. Teachers are so invested in their jobs that they often think more about their students, than they do about their own personal lives. Just as the classroom is a place where learning turns into memories, VIPKID teachers grow unfrogettable bonds with their students in China. That’s the power of education! With thousands of miles in between them, VIPKID teachers and students can impact each other’s lives in so many ways.

“With VIPKID, I ‘travel’ to China every day. My students showed me the breakfast churros they eat, their school mandatory uniforms, how they celebrate for Chinese New Year, and so many special things. And the sweetest thing is to know that for these little kids, their lives are a little different because of me.” – Teacher Nancy 

VIPKID teachers are often their students’ first friends from outside of their home country, and they really shape these children’s view of the outside world. The anticipation, the endearment, and the respect teachers receive from their students in China are the most magical parts of being a VIPKID teacher.

How VIPKID Changed These Teachers’ Lives

More and more teachers in America are burning out due to overwhelming expectations and a growing lack of support. This is not how educators should be treated. In China, teachers are highly-respected and appreciated by both students and parents. One student’s mom from China mentioned:

My daughter loves her VIPKID teacher. Sometime even an hour before class starts, she would already bring her little chair in front of the computer and start eagerly waiting for the teacher to come.

VIPKID kid reading book laying on the floor

These young, eager souls always warm their teachers’ hearts. The appreciation and esteem that the Chinese culture shows teachers is such a relief for so many American teachers, and opens them up to a whole new mindset.

My job with VIPKID has impacted not only me positively, but my family as well. We all love the Chinese culture, your beautiful children, and are trying to learn Mandarin at home. My husband and son, have even been to the country four times already! Online teaching for VIPKID has opened up a whole new world that we never would have imagined. Before working for the company I taught close to 600 elementary school students, and now I appreciate the privilege of the one-on-one learning offered to our students. If I could do flips personally, I’d say that this is an adventure of a lifetime.” –S.T. (B.S. in Elementary Education with dual certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Over 7 years experience teaching in the classroom ages 5-12.)

 “I feel like I am the best teacher I have ever been.”

Since starting working for VIPKID I feel like I am a better mother, wife, and teacher! I love the kids I work with everyday and they make me happy. I am a happier person since starting this job. My mom is older and not always in the best health. I am also able to help her more now. Many jobs that you work from home are not what they are cracked up to be. I feel like I have a dream job! I love VIPKID, my job, and am so thankful to them for letting me do a job I love and showing that they value their teachers! …I feel like I am the best teacher I have ever been.” –K.B. (Substitute teacher)

“Even though we may be from different continents and cultures we are similar in many ways.”

The experience teaching children half way around the world through technology is amazing. It reinforces that even though we may be from different continents and cultures we are similar in many ways. It really is a small world.” –A.Y. (ESL teacher to elementary children for 20 years. Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language)

teacher teaching with VIPKID Chinese kid online

Flexibility & Freedom

Going through life always trying to catch up, stressing about our jobs, and worrying if we’ll have enough time to get everything done, we forget to take time for the most important parts of life: our family, our health, and our happiness. VIPKID gives you the freedom to prioritize life in the order it should be. You can work as much (or as little) as you want, where you want, and when you want!

Having a flexible job allows me an understanding of what works best for my own productivity. I can work when I am happiest, and therefore most productive. This means my students get the best of me, every day, by design.  A flexible schedule makes me happier to be at work because I am happier with life in general. That flexibility allows me the ability to place equal importance on all the things in my life that mean a lot to me… from being the best teacher for my students, to being a helpful friend, to getting to spend extra time with my family, to baking sourdough bread on a perfect Sunday morning.” –J.B. (Taught English all over the world. )

“I am grateful for VIPKID changing my life.”

I just love that VIPKID allows me to be both mom and teacher without feeling I have to make a sacrifice. My children now see me in a different way; they respect my profession and view me as someone other than their Mom. I can see their pride when they talk to their friends about how mom teaches children in China. I am grateful for VIPKID changing my life; this job has also allowed me to grow professionally.” –M.N. (Taught junior high/HS language arts, and ESL for 3 years.)

Mom taking care of baby at home

I am a cancer survivor and had to give up working in a classroom teaching because it was too much for me. The flexibility of working with VIPKID allows me to work around doctor appointments. What is nice is not feeling exhausted after teaching a minimum of 7.5 hours a week. –M.F. (Elementary School Teacher for over 20 years) “

VIPKID computer, teapot, lamp

“It has boosted my love of education ten-fold and most importantly gives me time with my family that I would not have if I was in the traditional classroom.”

For seven years I followed the same routine most school teachers in America know far too well. It was day after day of fighting traffic to get to work on time, grading papers during my lunch period, lesson planning during the evenings and weekends, and never feeling that I was truly caught up. While I loved being a brick-and-mortar school teacher, the birth of my daughter made me wonder how I would balance being a dedicated teacher and mom at the same time. When I was a traditional classroom teacher, I was always confined to certain times to travel (Christmas, spring break, etc.). With the amount of stress public school teachers face these days in regards to testing, documentation, large class sizes, etc. it is a no- brainer that this is the path I was meant to be on. It has boosted my love of education ten-fold and most importantly gives me time with my family that I would not have if I was in the traditional classroom.” –B.C. (7 years of public school teaching)

Have you considered becoming a VIPKID teacher? Find out more how it can change your life, too!

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This article is sponsored by VIPKID, the leading online learning platform enabling North American teachers to teach English lessons to kids in China – all from the comfort of their homes! Full curriculum provided — no lesson planning or grading — just teach! Join their fun & supportive community of +20,000 teachers, and earn up to $22/hour, with a flexible schedule! Find out more at

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