Mote Lets Teachers Give Student Feedback Through Voice Notes & We’re Loving it!

Mote Allows Teachers to Give Student Feedback Through Voice Notes & We're Loving it!

Have you ever spent an absurd amount of time giving feedback through the comment feature on Google Docs or Google Slides just for students never to read your comments? Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. One of the most useful Chrome extensions, Mote, allows teachers to record their voices to provide feedback. Mote works with Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. Students love hearing their teachers’ voices and developing that human connection from afar.

Once you’ve added the Mote extension to your browser, there is so much that you can do with it! Some of these features are free and others are part of the Unlimited package which costs $49 a year. Recently, teachers have been asking for the Unlimited Mote package as a gift from loved ones and students. You can test out the Unlimited package first with a 15-day trial!

Free Ways to Use Mote:

1. Leave voice comments and feedback.

Leave unlimited voice comments and feedback on assignments via Google Classroom, Docs, Slides, or Sheets by clicking the mote symbol under the comments section. Record your voice for up to 30 seconds per comment. Students will click the play button to listen to the feedback.

Leave voice comments and feedback with Mote.
Leave voice comments and feedback with Mote.
Leave voice comments and feedback with Mote.

2. Add emojis using Mote! 

In the comment box, type “:” and then continue typing to search for your favorite emoji.

Add emojiis when grading with Mote!
Add emojiis when grading with Mote!

3. Easily monitor student engagement.

Monitor student engagement on your voice notes on your account activity page. This allows you to see which students viewed/heard your notes. See if students left reactions. You can view all of your recorded Motes on this page.

Easily monitor student engagement with mote.

Ways to Use Mote with the Unlimited Package:

1. Longer recordings

Record unlimited voice notes up to 1 minute and 30 seconds long rather than just the 30 seconds that comes with the Free Package.

2. Transcribe verbal notes to a written version

Mote will transcribe your voice notes into a typed version that students can also read. Edit the transcriptions as needed by clicking “edit” under your posted Mote comment.

Mote is a great grading hack for teachers!

3. Translate notes for ENL students

Translate voice note transcriptions into multiple other languages to meet the needs of our ENL students.

Translate feedback for  ENL students with Mote Chrome extension.
Translate feedback for  ENL students with Mote Chrome extension.
Translate feedback for  ENL students with Mote Chrome extension.

4. Get student reactions

Students can react to feedback by giving “reactions,” kind of like a “like” on Facebook with a thumbs up.

5. Save and receive Motes

According to Mote’s website, soon you’ll be able to “save & receive motes from a Motebook.” Stay tuned to learn more about what that will look like!

Now that you know all that Mote has to offer, let’s talk benefits! Not only does Mote bring human voice to remote learning more frequently, but it also breaks down language barriers for students who may not speak the same first language as their teacher. Similarly, students who struggle to read and understand written feedback can now listen to feedback. With Mote’s transcription and translation features, students and teachers can more easily and meaningfully communicate. On the teacher end, voice comments save a tremendous amount of time as many teachers are balancing the hybrid method of teaching and learning this school year. Trust us, Mote will be a vital part of your teaching life this year!


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Jenna Marcal


Jenna is a 5th grade teacher in Upstate New York! She loves to cook, dance, and dance while cooking! When she's not taking care of her succulent babies, Jenna can be found grading a stack of papers with one hand and holding a chilled glass of white wine in the other.

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