Teachers in America Are Underpaid and Looking For Ways to Pay Their Bills

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Of course, nobody becomes a teacher to get rich. But believe it or not, most teachers need a way to supplement their income around the hours they spend at school, just to make ends meet. There’s recently been a lot of stir in the teacher community about VIPKID being a great way to do this. But before we get into the benefits of this new opportunity for teachers to make extra money, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves, why do teachers need a second job? They must be paid enough for everything they do for our kids, right?

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In fact, most teachers are paid so poorly, all those school breaks that everyone thinks teachers are “lucky” to have, are spent working other jobs, just so they can afford to pay their bills. A study released last year found that in 2015, the weekly wages of public school teachers in the United States were 17 percent lower than comparable college-educated professionals.

teacher salary chart_teachers: $57,976_doctors: $337,000via The American Teacher film

Based on stats from the Teacher Salary Project, the average teacher salary over twenty years in the profession goes from $34,688 to $57,976. This is certainly not enough for the amount of work and responsibilities piled on their shoulders, and certainly not enough for the number of hours they actually put into meeting all the unrealistic expectations they’re faced with. The average teacher works about 50 hours per week at school, and another 15 hours per week outside of school, grading papers and preparing lesson plans, according to the documentary The American Teacher. In addition, teachers spend their own money on basic classroom materials that parents, schools, or even the government won’t provide. Instead of rewarding teachers for all their hard work and selflessness, the government is pushing our best teachers outside of the classroom, little by little, forcing them to find other ways to survive. It’s no wonder teachers burn out at a rate that is unparalleled to any other field.

No teacher should have to struggle to pay bills, and no teacher should ever have to choose between their calling and being able to support their family.

Which is why the upcoming, online teaching platform, VIPKID, is becoming more and more popular. It’s a way for teachers to use the skills they’ve honed and continue doing what they love doing, outside of the traditional classroom, instead of going to wait tables or working at the local 7/11. According to NBA star Kobe Bryant, an investor in the company, VIPKID is also breaking down cultural barriers and providing a remarkable opportunity for kids in Asia to learn from teachers in the US.

If America won’t pay their teachers, China will,” says VIPkid CEO in an interview.

While it may sound like a very bold statement, the true meaning behind it is that there’s a huge demand for ESL teachers in Asia, and VIPKID has found a way to open the doors of that market for North American teachers to make extra money without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, teachers can earn an attractive salary without even needing to quit their jobs because they can pick their own schedule. It’s no wonder there are already over 20,000 teachers signed up to VIPKID.

sign me up gif_VIPkid_ Bored TeachersSounds awesome, right? That’s not all…

No Lesson Plans

No need to worry about having to prepare your lessons. VIPKID’s got it covered. Everyone follows the same curriculum, which is based on the American common core. Nothing you’re not already familiar with, that’s for sure!

It’s Fun

The kids from China you teach are adorable, eager to learn English, and curious as hell to learn about your hometown culture. Even better, because teaching is an extremely noble profession in Chinese culture, teachers are very well-respected. Any VIPKID teacher will tell you, both Chinese students and parents show a high amount of respect, making the job much easier, as teachers in America might imagine!

The Money is Great

How does $22 per hour sound? Better than your day job! All classes last around 25-30min and each class pays $7-9. If you’re on time, you get a $1 bonus per class. If you teach +45 classes in a month, you get another $1 bonus per class taught. Long story short, teaching an additional 5-6 hours per week online in front of the fireplace at home, can land you about $500 extra each month, this winter. Teachers who decide to take the big step and go full-time with it could earn a pretty decent salary. However, most teachers choose to do it a few hours a week after school or on the weekends and make enough to cover their bills. Well, some of them!

It’s All Online

Maybe you actually can take a family vacation during one of those school breaks. After all, you’re a teacher, you earned it. TREAT YO’SELF every once in a while! With VIPKID, all you need is internet access at the hotel. Teach a few classes in the morning, and then spend your afternoons sipping piña coladas by the pool.

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3

1. Show them your bachelor degree and resume with some previous teaching experience.
2. Sign-up online to book a short online interview.

3. Give them a short demo of how you teach.

And voilà! Once you’re approved, you can start booking classes.

Do you work a second job outside of your daily teaching position? Let us know your experience in the comments below! 

This article is sponsored by VIPKID, the leading online learning platform enabling North American teachers to teach English lessons to kids in China – all from the comfort of their homes! Full curriculum provided — no lesson planning or grading — just teach! Join their fun & supportive community of +20,000 teachers, and earn up to $22/hour, with a flexible schedule! Find out more at VIPKID.com. Teachers Are Underpaid and Looking For Ways to Pay Their Bills_Pinterest cover

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