Why Teachers Can’t Survive On Their Salary

Not only are teachers slammed with the astronomic responsibility of ensuring a bright future for the youth of our world, but they’re asked to make these miracles happen with very few resources. They’re expected to accomplish impossible feats inside and outside of the classroom, sacrificing their social lives, their family-time, and their own finances in order to make it happen, on an unfair salary.

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Not only are teachers underpaid for the qualifications they’re required to obtain and maintain in the profession, and for the number of hours they work, but they’re forced to spend hundreds of dollars every year on teaching materials and classroom supplies. Why you ask? Because if they don’t, their students suffer. That’s how much teachers pour their heart into their jobs.

With the salary that teachers are given, minus the amount of money they spend on their students, they can barely afford to live. That’s why teachers are finding themselves taking on second, and sometimes even third jobs, to support themselves and their families. How much time do you think they have to grade papers, write lesson plans, input data, write report cards, communicate with parents, and spend extra time after school with struggling students? The answer is: not a lot!

“What we give to our teachers is what we are giving to our kids.”

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