11 Tweets Showing How Hard Teachers Are Working This School Year

11 Tweets Showing How Hard Teachers Are Working This School Year

As some states have decided to shut down schools again and thousands of parents are in an uproar, many find it easy to put the blame on the teachers, claiming they just want to stay home in their pajamas to work. However, little do most people know, teachers are working harder than ever before, whether they’re teaching remotely from home or at school, in-person, or both through the hybrid model. The 2020 school year has added a significant amount of work to their already full plates. Here are some tweets that can attest to that!

1. Teachers adapted overnight.

2. Teachers never “switch off”.

3. They’re working way more hours than anybody will ever know.

4. They’re so dedicated.

5. They’re the piece holding it all together.

6. They never gave up, no matter what 2020 threw at them.

7. They will always go above & beyond for their students.

8. They’re asked to do much more than they can handle, yet they keep on giving.

9. They work during their free time, the weekends, and school breaks.

10. They do it all for the kids.

11. They’re subbing for their colleagues, and even working while sick!

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11 Tweets Showing How Hard Teachers Are Working This School Year

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