20 Tweets Showing What School Looks Like This Year

20 Tweets Showing What School Looks Like This Year

With the return to school, both in-person and virtually, school districts across the country have taken various approaches to manage a safe environment for their students and staff. Some of them better than others. Here’s a look at a few ways schools and teachers are taking precautions to prevent the spread of Covid this school year.

1. The front office looks equipped… I wonder if the classrooms get the same treatment?

2. Tough luck for tall teachers

3. Wouldn’t last long in an elementary classroom.

4. Putting the plexiglass to good use!

5. Shower curtains for the win!

6. Not quite socially distance-proof!

7. This mobile shield slides around the room!

8. Small group plexiglass stations

9. Some schools have the means…

10. Other schools don’t even have the bare minimum…

11. This teacher is going all out for her virtual learners!

12. Socially distant teaching…

13. More plexiglass success

14. This heavy-duty COVID barrier

15. Partnering up in 2020, made possible by plexiglass!

16. Teachers being resourceful!

17. The Covid cafeteria set-up

18. Social distancing markers in the hallways.

19. Teacher zone, no trespassing.

20. “Treat your masks like underwear” bulletin boards to remind students about mask etiquette.


20 Tweets Showing What School Looks Like This Year

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