Teachers Take to Twitter With Hilarious #ByeBetsy Tweets

Teachers Take to Twitter With Hilarious #ByeBetsy Tweets

The Associated Press declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election Saturday and a shout of #ByeBetsy rang out. Teachers immediately hit Twitter to celebrate Betsy DeVos moving on from her position as U.S. Secretary of Education. DeVos has faced criticism from many educators since taking office. Here are 15 tweets of teachers saying “bye Betsy.”

1. Buh. Bye.

2. Few words are needed

3. Unions are chiming in

4. Betsy overboard!

5. Teachers are feeling a win

6. Teachers have been waiting for this moment

7. We’re ready for the musical version

8. #ByeBetsy, an interpretive dance

9. Don’t let the door hit ya

10. When you suddenly realize Betsy Devos is leaving office

11. Pack your bags

12. Let’s not forget the impact to kids

13. Send moving boxes to the DOE

14. It’s a great week to be a teacher

15. The children are the real winners here


Teachers Take to Twitter With Hilarious #ByeBetsy Tweets

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