Common Core “New Math” Is Blowing Everyone’s Mind

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We recently came across a viral video with over 24 million views on Facebook, that compares the way multiplication used to be taught to the way it’s being taught through the Common Core nowadays in school. The person on the right in the video below shows how s/he was able to solve the Math problem using the “carry the 1” method, make 3 cups of coffee, go outside, and play in the yard with their dogs before the video stops. Meanwhile, the teacher on the left still hasn’t even finished explaining the Common Core method of multiplication.

Some argue that the newer method shown on the left is the correct way to multiply, debating that it provides a deeper understanding of the Math problem.

Most people, however, are in agreement that this is pure insanity and just turns a simple task into a much more complicated one.

Most teachers would agree that it doesn’t really matter which method a student uses, as long as they find the right answer. After all, everyone learns in different ways!

Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

Common Core "New Math" Is Blowing Everyone's Mind feature image

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