This Dad Created the Greatest Math Problem Ever About Quarantine Toilet Paper

dad toilet paper math problem

When the fear of quarantine spread like wildfire, so did the mass-panic that we’d run out of toilet paper while locked down in our homes. Every store that sold the golden tissue paper had their shelves cleaned, as Americans stocked up while the Japanese sat on their fancy bidets across the Pacific laughing at us.

Meanwhile, worldwide school closings have forced children to stay home and their parents to continue their education from the kitchen table. This is where one dad came up with a clever math problem for his daughter on the amount of toilet paper we all actually need (or don’t need) during a 14-day quarantine. Spoiler alert, it’s not as much as we all think!

His daughter originally posted the video of her dad on her TikTok (naomi.corson) until the Facebook page How To Be A Dad shared it and has tallied up over 20 million views.

She introduces the video by saying:

“So my dad did the math on toilet paper for quarantines, so here it is…”

That’s when her dad dives in:

Go to Costo, big huge thing of toilet paper has 30 rolls. Now each [roll] has 425 sheets. That is 12,750 sheets per case of toilet paper. So that means 20 sheets per s**t. Which comes down to 637.5 s**ts per case. And that is 45.5 s**ts per day.”

He continues:

“So a person who grabbed four cases of toilet paper from Costco for a family of four, quarantined for the required 14 days, would need to s**t 182 times a day to use the purchased amount of toilet paper at 20 sheets per s**t.”

He closes out his epic math equation with:

Now let’s all calm down.”

Watch the full video below:

Comments in response to the video were almost just as funny:

Even at 40 sheets per s**t, they’d still have to s**t 91 times a day. That’s 22 s**ts per person a day. So roughly one s**t an hour for 24 hours. So his point is still super valid. Let’s all calm down!”

Thanks to this dad for answering the question I get asked all the time by my math students…’When are we ever going to use math in real life?'”

Thank you for this!! This is hysterical! Best use of math I’ve seen yet! I showed my daughter to show her that you use math every day and this was a great example.”

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