Dyslexic Author & Activist Thanks His Teachers For Believing in Him

Jonathan Mooney always thought of himself as the stupid, crazy, and lazy kid in school. Labeled with the diagnoses of dyslexia and ADHD, he believed that because he was different, he was deficient. He gives speeches about how he was told he would be a high school drop out, end up in jail, or never obtain an English major because of what was documented in his IEP.

“The KGB ain’t got nothing on the IEP!”

Since then, Jonathan has earned an honors degree in English Literature at Brown University and has written and published two books. At the age of 23, he published “Learning Outside The Lines,”  followed by his most recent book, “The Short Bus.” He has established himself as one of the foremost leaders in LD/ADHD, disabilities, and alternative education.

He thanks many of his teachers for his success but one teacher in particular that “moved him”, who believed in him, and turned his life around.

Listen to the full story in the video below:

 “A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything!”


Dyslexic Author & Activist Thanks His Teachers For Believing in Him feature image

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