Ellen Surprises Assistant Principal After Viral Dance With Students

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In response to the Ciara #LevelUpChallenge, Assistant Principal—Ranesa Shipman—and the Wilson Central High School Dance Team in Tennessee put on an epic performance. The video of the Assistant Principal dancing with her students went viral last month and got the attention of Ellen DeGeneres. Then yesterday, Ellen being a huge fan of dancing and educators, she invited Shipman and her students to perform on “The Ellen Show” from their school gymnasium. And as if that wasn’t enough to make Shipman’s literally jump for joy, Ellen added a few more surprises, as she always does!

After their performance on the show, Ellen presented the dance team with a $15,000 check! But that’s not all. As Shipman burst into tears with gratitude, Ellen threw in an additional $15,000 check, just for her. And just when she couldn’t imagine anything better could ever happen to her, Ellen invited her onto “The Ellen Show” to meet her in person. As you can imagine, her reaction was PRICELESS!

Grab a box of tissues and watch the full video below:

via Youtube | The Ellen Show

If I hit the lottery tonight, I would come back to school the next day! I love my job, I love my school family, I would do anything for these kids. I love what I do for a living!” -Ranesa Shipman, Assistant Principal

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