Jimmy Fallon’s Teachers’ Day Song is What We All Need to Hear Right Now

jimmy fallon teachers day song

We’re all having a tough year, there’s no doubt about that. This remote learning thing is something we never imagined we’d be doing right now… or ever. But during these difficult times, we can all find some joy in the fact that teachers are being recognized for their efforts more than ever.

Will it last? Only time will tell.

For now, enjoy this funny “Teachers’ Day Song” by Jimmy Fallon performed from his home during the quarantine!

Here are the hilarious lyrics. in case you want to sing along!

Teachers should make a billion dollars
And get more vacation time
They spend their days wrangling all our crazy kids
When they go out, they should get free bottomless wine

Teachers deserve a month-long spa day
Hang cucumbers on their eyes
‘Cause if you ask them why the spa’s using veggies
They’ll explain it’s because of the enzymes

Teachers should have a prom for teachers
So they can dress in fancy clothes
The guidance counselor does the Toosie Slide
And the students have to chaperone

Ms. Weaver, Mr. Jones, no grinding

Teachers should make a billion dollars
And when it’s time for arts and crafts
They should get swarmed by paparazzi
Who demand selfies and autographs

Teachers shouldn’t have to pay their taxes
They should get cheered around the clock
At the bank, they should throw money at them
And at Chipotle, they should always get free guac

Teachers should make a billion dollars
Yes they should
Teachers should make a billion dollars
Teachers should make a billion dollars

Teachers should make a billion dollars
Twice a week

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Jimmy Fallon's Teachers' Day Song is Exactly What We All Need to Hear Right Now

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