School Proves Meditation Works Better Than Detention

At Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore, instead of detention, kids enter a place called the Mindful Moment Room after school and practice meditation. Yup, that’s right! Instead of being punished with detention, students are kept after school and instructed to practice yoga, mindful meditation, and breathing exercises to help kids take control of their behavior, rather than being disciplined for misbehaving.

three young boys on yoga mats in school gymnasium photovia The Holistic Life Foundation

The program was introduced 2 years ago by a non-profit organization, known as the Holistic Life Foundation. The meditation is calming, reduces anxiety and stress, and so far it has proven to improve student behavior. Since then, the school hasn’t had to suspend a single kid from school. WOW!

children meditating in classroom on yoga mats photovia The Holistic Life Foundation

children meditating on yoga mats in classroom photovia The Holistic Life Foundation

young boy meditating on yoga mat in school gymnasium photovia The Holistic Life Foundation

young students sitting in circle on classroom floor with eyes closed photovia The Holistic Life Foundation

young boy doing yoga on mat in school gymnasium photovia The Holistic Life Foundation

Sounds worth getting rid of the old school detention idea and starting to implement this into more schools. What do you think?

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Check out this video about it from We Teach, Let’s Talk:



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