10 Things Teachers Really Need From Their Partners Right Now

10 Things Teachers Really Need From Their Partners Right Now

Teaching during a pandemic is hard. Many of us are working from the moment our alarm goes off until we fall asleep working on the couch late at night. Partners of teachers are seeing the stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion. Many are wondering how they can lighten the load.

10 ways to be a supportive partner of teachers

  1. Be the shoulder to cry on. Literally, if needed. Our emotions are so overloaded we might literally cry over spilt milk. Hand us a tissue and give us a hug.
  2. Listen to the same rants over and over. Yes, we’ve listed the same complaints every day for months. Nothing is changing and we’re not going to be okay with it. All we can do is vent about the issues. Most teachers are feeling pretty powerless these days.
  3. Don’t try to fix our problems. You don’t know what our day-to-day job is like, and while we know you want to help, we don’t expect you to have the answers.  
  4. Tell us we’re doing a great job. “I see how hard you’re working. You’re a fantastic teacher. Those kids are so lucky to have you,” will help us lift our heads high.
  5. Bring up some of the things we’ve told you lately. Ask how our coworker who was hospitalized with COVID is doing. Send us a “good luck” text the morning of our evaluation. Show us a video you think the students would love for our photosynthesis unit.
  6. Take on extra around the house without us asking and without bragging about it. We feel bad we don’t have time or energy to do the chores we usually handle. Tackling the laundry, dishes, or grocery shopping on your own will make us swoon.
  7. Make us laugh. There’s not nearly enough laughter in our days. We appreciate whatever joy and lightness you can bring.
  8. Watch Netflix with us. It’s not the best date night, especially when that’s all we do, but it’s all we can handle. And thank you for covering us with our favorite blanket and not getting annoyed when we fall asleep ten minutes in.
  9. Little gestures are huge to us. Pick up our favorite snacks on your way home from work. Take the kids to soccer practice alone on Saturday so we can sleep in. Stick an encouraging note next to our car keys in the morning.
  10. Remind us there’s more to us and our life than being a teacher. Teaching often feels like it consumes every fiber of our being and second of our days. The most supportive thing partners of teachers can do is to remind us that pandemic teaching won’t last forever, and we have a whole life outside of school.  

Thank you so much to all of the rock star partners of teachers out there! We know it isn’t always an easy gig and we appreciate you so much.


10 Things Teachers Really Need From Their Partners Right Now

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Rachael Moshman
Rachael Moshman, M.Ed., an editor at Bored Teachers, is a mom, educator, writer, and advocate for self-confidence. She's been a teacher in classrooms of infants through adult college students. She loves pizza, Netflix and yoga. Connect with her at [email protected]
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