Remembering the Heroic Teachers & Students Lost in the Florida Shooting

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Parkland Florida shooting victims

Today marks one year since the tragic event at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 17 students and teachers were killed, and 17 more injured. Students, parents, and teachers across the state and across the nation marched in the months following to fight for gun control and demand safer learning environments. An astonishing 114 people were killed or injured in a school shooting over the course of 2018.

1. Scott Beigel – Geography Teacher

2. Aaron Feis – Security official/Assistant Football Coach

3. Chris Hixon – Athletic Director/Wrestling Coach

4. Meadow Pollack – Senior, 18 years old

5. Gina Montalto – Freshman, 14 years old

6. Nicholas Dworet – Senior, 17 years old

7. Alaina Petty – Freshman, 14 years old

8. Joaquin Oliver

9. Peter Wang – 15 years old

10. Jaime Guttenberg – Freshman, 14 years old

11. Alyssa Alhadeff – Freshman, 14

12. Martin Duque – Freshman, 14 years old

13. Carmen Schentrup – 16 years old

14. Alex Schachter – Freshman, 14 years old

15. Helena Ramsay – 17 years old

16. Cara Loughran – 14 years old

17. Luke Hoyer – 15 years old

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