Hilarious Short Film Shows Sad Reality Teachers Actually Have to Deal With

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This short film comedy, Alternative Math, produced by Ideaman Studios, is a hilarious exaggeration of a teacher who is dragged through the mud for simply doing her job. But under the humor, the 9-minute flick shows the dark reality: the lack of respect and trust teachers are given these days. The video shows how modern day society, media, parenting, and school administration have the ability to flip the script on an innocent classroom situation. With the presence of helicopter parents, unjust lawsuits, broken school systems, and scrutinizing media, teachers are left in fear of doing their jobs.

Teacher watching tv "Activist teacher under fire" in the news
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The film below shows a teacher telling a student that he failed because he wrote the incorrect answer – that 2 + 2 equals 4, not 22. In his frustration, he throws a tantrum in the classroom. When the parents are called in to discuss the situation, they also throw a tantrum, claiming there is more than one answer to any question.

Angry parents: "Who are you to say that your answer is right, and his is wrong?"
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The parents involve the principal who, instead of supporting the teacher, reams her out for upsetting the child and the parents. The parents unite and protest. The school board steps in and suspends the teachers, rather than supporting her for her academic integrity. Then after the media blows it up, she gets fired.

Superintendant "Just say that you're open to the possibility that there are multiple correct answers."
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While exaggerated and intended for comic relief, this short film is actually not drastically far from reality. And that’s a sad thing. But don’t worry, there are a happy ending and a funny twist at the end to leave you with a smile on your face. Enjoy!

Watch the full thing here:

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