20 Stylish Teachers to Follow on TikTok for OOTD Inspiration

20 Stylish Teachers to Follow on TikTok for OOTD Inspiration

Why try to pick out your own outfits every day when you can turn to TikTok to inspire all kinds of teaching outfits from the most stylish teachers? Whether you prefer casual and cozy, punny tees, or dressed to impress, TikTok teachers cover it all. The best part is that most of these teachers are on a budget as well, so you’re likely to find reasonable ideas for your budget, too!

Here are 20 of TikTok’s most stylish teachers:

1. @koolest.teacher rocks both floral dresses and graphic tees!


Teacher hack that I came up with while teaching summer school. Just sharing:) #teachersoftiktok #teacherhack #teacher #socialdistancing #pandemic

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

2. @thatpompomteacher sports a bit of a hippie style- plus she makes and sells the cutest pompom earrings!


You guys asked for it! More leggings for work outfits coming soon! #leggingsoutfit #styletiktok

♬ Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris

3. @mrsstrissel has a very practical wardrobe that any teacher who desires comfort would love!

[email protected]Desmondfambrini is the CEO of blazers! Stylish teachers can also pick up some cool dance moves from him!


Reply to @you_already_know_who_iam Anyone else kinda afraid of the dark ?????

♬ original sound – Desmond Fambrini

5. @lessonswithlewis rocks cute activewear and shares her workouts so we can be healthy and stylish teachers!


##duet with @uproxx JK, I’m not going anywhere ?

♬ where the money reside – UPROXX Music

6. @carinabentivengo wears a perfect mix of dresses, prints, and casual tees!

7. @sarshmc is the queen of teacher dresses and skirts (and we can’t get enough)!

8. @teach.hustle.repeat seriously knows how to rock pastels!

9. @thejoyfulenglishteacher wears the cutest dresses and cardigans all from affordable stores like Target, Walmart, and Old Navy!

10. @_audriwill mixes and matches patterns like no other. Also, she radiates confidence!

11. @twentiestiktokteacher is known for her teacher clothing hauls and loves to share tips with her followers!

12. @dsabbb has some great high waisted pants inspo!

13. @robigotsoles has the perfect style for our slack-loving educators!

14. @teachingwithflair is so whimsical in her flowy dresses and ruffle tees!

15. @miss.mango_ wears outfits that match her personality: creative, over-the-top, and GOALS!

16. @madisontaylorjant knows how to dress up jeans and still dress practically for her kindergarten students.


✨✨ @shopblingglamourr ✨✨

♬ Chanel – Silence!!!

17. @sarahgore44 has some wonderful OOTD inspiration for plus-size stylish teachers!

18. @notyourenglish teacher prides herself in unique, one-of-a-kind outfits for young stylish teachers.

19. @livingforthesummer is super trendy and shows her followers how to match our masks with our teacher outfits!

20. @hipstermister is one of our favorite stylish teachers on TikTok, always demonstrating how to look effortlessly hip!

Even if you can’t fully relate to some of these stylish teachers, TikTok is all about exploring something new, like an outfit you may not have worn two years ago, but could totally make the cut in 2021!


20 Stylish Teachers to Follow on TikTok for OOTD Inspiration

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Jenna Marcal


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