Teacher’s Epic Performance in Student-Faculty Basketball Game is Going Viral

teacher student-facult basketball game cover

This teacher took all of his classroom exasperation and funneled it into the annual student-faculty basketball game, bringing the heat for teachers everywhere!

At Franklin County Middle School in Carnesville, GA, the pep rally made the news across the world after one of the teachers put on an absolute show on the court. After posting a video of it on his Instagram page, ESPN, the Bleacher Report, and other sports media companies reposted and it’s already got millions of views!

This teacher showed NO MERCY on his middle school students

ESPN on Facebook

This teacher was DESTROYING everybody at the student-faculty game

-Bleacher Report on Twitter

This teacher absolutely cooking his students in a basketball game is everything good in life”

-SB Nation

While many Twitter and Facebook users were rooting the teacher on for his NBA-like moves, others tore him apart for not toning it down a few notches on the poor little 7th & 8th graders. However, if you’re a teacher, you know he probably needed that, and those middle schoolers will never look at him the same! One thing’s for sure, this guy not only got the win for the faculty, he definitely won a few “cool teacher” points with his students.

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