Teachers Going the Extra Mile During the Quarantine to Stay Connected With Students

teachers during the quarantine

Quarantine has everyone a little stir crazy. We’re all stuck in the house, the kids are off the walls, and all this virtual learning has teachers missing their kiddos and classrooms even more.

That’s why these few teachers took the initiative to show their students some love by getting in their cars and driving to each of their homes. Of course, social distancing prevented them from knocking on their door and giving them a big hug. So they got creative, as teachers do best!

1. Drive-by Poster

This teacher in Mesquite, Texas, Mrs. Hurtado drove in front of each of her students’ homes, holding a sign outside of the car window that read: I MISS YOU! The elementary school where she teaches posted the photos of her “drive-by visits” saying she just wanted to let her students know much she misses their smiling faces!

2. Drive-by Caravan

This next group of teachers from Robertson Elementary in Frisco, Texas drove through neighborhoods honking their horns just so they could see the kids and say hi. This parent’s video of them driving by went viral on Facebook with over 7.4 million views!

3. Chalk messages on students’ driveaways

This last teacher in Southern California went around to all the neighborhoods of her students, near and far, with a bucket of chalk, and wrote messages on each of her student’s driveways!

“When school closed, I wanted a no-contact way to let my kids know that I love them and am still cheering them on,” she told Bored Teachers. “I would go out around 8 or 8:30 pm each night and chalk 5-6 driveways of students. It took several nights to hit all 28 kids but I’d say it was worth it. If they live in an apartment, I sent them a card. I hope it put a smile on their faces!”

Here’s what she wrote in the caption of her post:

When we got word that our district was closing, I wanted to come up with a no-contact way to put a smile on my kids’ faces. I have 30 students so starting Friday night, I would write down 5-7 addresses.

With a bucket of chalk, I visited each driveway and left a message. I was only caught once by a parent. ? I’ve hit everyone in my class now, but if I couldn’t get to their residence, I dropped a card in the mail instead.

Most of my students live in one of a few neighborhoods, but I did drive a bit for a couple. It was worth it and I’d do it again. I know not everyone can do this; if we aren’t back in a couple weeks, I’ll be thinking of something new to try. ❤️

Even faced with a global pandemic, teachers keep finding ways to make their students happy. And if anything deserves to be shared, it’s stories like these!

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Teachers Going the Extra Mile During the Quarantine to Stay Connected With Students

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