Teachers Rocking 100 Days of School in Style All Over

Teachers Rocking 100 Days of School in Style Everywhere

One hundred days of school has become a highly-celebrated milestone in the school year. Teachers dress up in silly costumes, make colorful posters, print out fun T-shirts, and post photos of them all over social media. Here are a few of our favorites from this year!

1. Most importantly, repeating the directions.

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2. 100 days is 100 years in teacher time.

3. Old and fabulous!

4. Getting students to practice addition.

5. And multiplication!

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6. Welcome!

7. Matching T-shirts with the Teacher Squad “We’ve rocked 100 days of school!”

8. It barely shows!

9. Fun picture frame

10. Count it out!

11. 100th day cookies! (click right)

12. Granny outfits

13. Getting the entire school involved

14. Where’s my walker?

15. Cane and fanny pack!

16. Some actually brought in one of their students’ 100-year-old grandma to talk about the way school has changed!

17. 100 dias!

18. Can’t scare me!

19. 100 days of coffee!

20. Get the kids to collect 100 of something (rocks, cereals, candies… and why not pencils?!)

21. Check out that visor though…

22. Anything to wear slippers to school!

23. Return to the retirement home!

24. 100 Days No Prob Llama

25. Slippers + school = everything

26. That homemade Life Alert lanyard is GOLD!

27. The cane clan!

28. Happy 100 days!

Also check out these awesome teachers:

Teachers Rocking 100 Days of School in Style All Over

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