12 Reasons Teachers Should Always Stick Together

teachers should always stick together

While we spend our days surrounded by kids, teachers understand the critical nature of nurturing friendships with the adults in our buildings, people who call us by our first names and talk to us about grown-up things like NPR segments and comfortable footwear. Ask anyone who has been around for a while; they’ll tell you they never would have made it without their teacher friends. Here are just twelve reasons why:

1. There are more of them than there are of us. 


Look around and do the math. We’re outnumbered! For every one adult on hall duty doing their best to look intimidating, there are 35 young people who are generally unimpressed. Sticking with your teacher friends has the same effect as making yourself look big when you see a bear. (Hanging your backpack in a tree might not be a bad idea, either.)

2. Nobody else understands us. 

How many times have you heard a non-teacher say something like, “That wouldn’t fly in my classroom”? BAHAHAHA. Just shake it off. NOBODY – not even our very supportive spouses – can possibly know what we’re dealing with.

3. We can commiserate, even if it just means sharing an eye roll across the cafeteria.


Every once in a while, another teacher might comment, “That’s funny that little Johnny’s giving you so much trouble. He was great in my class.” (For the record, we HATE it when they say that.) Usually, though, they have experienced the same issues, and maybe they have even learned a hack for dealing with it. “Talk to his mom; she doesn’t play,” they might tell you. Even if they don’t have a solution, just knowing you’re not alone can be comforting.

4. We can give each other a boost.

Maybe it’s a Toblerone in your mailbox after a rough week. Maybe it’s a hug or a smile. Sometimes you might hear a student say something like, “I’m so thankful Mr. Cantrell prepared me for writing college papers,” and it will become your mission to let Mr. Cantrell know what a difference he has made. These little things give teachers life when we feel like we’re drowning.

5. They will remove the dead mice from your classroom.

Or snakes, as the case may be. All the dead things you don’t want to touch… One of your teacher buddies will do that for you. They’ll also laugh at you, maybe, but they will make the dead things go away.

6. Sometimes we need to hear, “Just burn those papers and have a glass of wine.” 


How many times will you carry the same stack of papers home, make zero progress, and bring them back the next day? At some point, you’ll need a trusted colleague to tell you to give up, toss that stack in the fireplace, and have some wine with your M&M’s.

7. We can all work together to collectively will a snow day or weather delay.

Forget the old ice-in-the-toilet trick. No need to wear your pajamas inside-out. The real secret to getting that treasured snow day is the meditative force of all your teacher friends bending the universe to their will.

8. Symbiosis!

We’re not all good at EVERYTHING. It’s nice to have friends with diverse talents to help you out when you’re in a pinch. Maybe the friendly drafting teacher will help cut out the scenery for your school play, and the benevolent art teacher will help paint it for you. Just be sure to find something you can do for them in exchange. (Note to self: learn a special skill, freeloader!)

9. We can sit together in the gym.

Let’s face it: pep rallies are a hellish nightmare. Who gets the spirit stick? Not this teacher! The ONLY thing that makes loud gymnasiums bearable is the security of a good friend, mumbling the alma mater by your side.

10. We cover for each other.


Good friends will cover your bus duty when you’re in a bind or watch your class while you race to the bathroom. If it comes to it, they’ll even lie to protect you: “I have no idea who jammed the copy machine and left it for someone else to figure out!”

11. We defend one another to whiny students.

When kids start bellyaching about the math teacher who “gives too much homework” or the science teacher who’s “trippin’,” we are the first to jump in and set the record straight, because no one, NO ONE disrespects our hard-working colleagues.

12. Great teachers will constantly demonstrate the nobility of the profession. 

Just when you’re starting to wonder if it’s worth it, you will see one of your teacher friends do some amazing, selfless thing. They’ll buy a kid the glasses he needs; they’ll shave their head in solidarity with the student battling cancer; they’ll show up at the game to support those whose parents can’t be there… and you will remember what an honor it is to serve alongside them.

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