Teacher’s Unique Homework Assignment Has Gone Viral

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Around this time of the year, especially, standardized testing puts a lot of stress and anxiety on our students. Even though a moderate amount of pressure helps to prepare them for the rigorous demands of college and the working world, I think we can all agree that kids need time to be kids. It’s just as important in their development as all the tests and classroom learning.

Mrs. Thom, a Primary teacher at Bucklebury Primary School in Great Britain, makes it a point to ensure her students are taking time to be kids. Her weekend homework assignment, which has recently gone viral on Facebook, instructs students to go outside and exercise, try something they’ve never tried, read a book, eat candy & ice cream, and the list goes on.

Mrs Thom home work assignment "We are now in the last couople of days before SATs and it is vital that you use your time this weekend wisely. This is your homework for this weekend. Please complete as many as of these activities as possible and tick to say they have been done."

She encourages her students to enjoy themselves, not to spend any of their free time worrying, just go have some fun being a kid.

Mrs Thom home work assignment - "Go on a bike/scooter ride, read a book, watch you favorutie TV programme, smile, eat haribo or ice-cream, spend time with people you love, laugh until your tummies hurts, go outside and enjoy the weather"

“It is vital that you use your weekend time wisely,” she says. 

Mrs Thom home work assignment - "Go for a swim or a walk, spend time on your favorite hobby,rest, see friends, run until you just can't anymore, cook or make something, have more haribo or ice-cream, play in your garden, do something you have never done before."

“If you feel you have to, you may revise, BUT you can only do this for a maximum of one hour total.”

Mrs Thom home work assignment - Bored Teachers 4

The photo of her assignment was posted on the Facebook page Eyfs Matters and received thousands of comments from parents and teachers. Here’s a letter that was shared in one of the comments, from a school to students and parents around testing time:

Facebook comment - "That's brilliant - we have has similar letter which has givenus all a very positive spin on sats. We are very lucky to have such hard working and supportive staff in our schools. Good luck to all year 6s - x"

letter from school to year 6 students and parents - Bored Teachers

Other comments came from parents who also support this mentality, and from teachers speaking out about how saddened they feel that our education system puts this kind of pressure on the kids.

Facebook comment - "There are losts of great teachers out there. Unfortunately teachers have been put in a position where they have to be concerned about results and how children do. To the point where unfortunately, it is all that matters. Blame the system not the teachers."

Facebook comment - "Amazing teacher, the think I love about our primary school - children work hard all week but never have homework at weekends. They deserve a childhood!"

Facebook comment - "I was a yr2 teacher for many years and am proud to say that my children never knew that they were taking SATs. I regarded it as a way of testing myself as to whether or not my ongoing assessments of the children's abilities were correct. Any good teacher will continuously assess the children in their class so that they know what the next learning targets are. SATs are merely a marker."

Facebook comment - "My son is in his early thirties so just missed SATs while he was at school and I don;t yet have grandchildren so didn't really pay much attention to the issue until I heard an item on the radio with samples of the questions. At age seven I would have failed that test miserably as I didn't learn to read properly until I was at least eight, much to the despair of my highly educated parents."


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